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    It seems like this has been going on for a few years now.
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    I was hoping it was not just my imagination that on a regular basis the Twins score early then go to sleep. Seem most often when the other team responds to the early offense of the Twins with some runs, it almost seems like at this point the Twins say 'Oh well we tried but they are better so why bother' or 'Well if our pitchers are going to let them score, I quit!'
  3. As noted by a few above, batting has been a major problem. 6 regular starters batting UNDER 150, team BA .133 second worst in baseball, 20 SO in two games. Must have faced CY Young both games since hitting was supposed to be our powerhouse. How can you win! Team ERA of 3.00 tied for 13th, not their fault, even though some runs may be poorly timed. And pitch was supposed to be our weakness. Only scoring 2 runs a game is shameful get off the pitchers and put the blame were it belongs ON THE BATTERS! BTW Blue Jays are 2-0 team era 5.50 BA .286. Runs win games, pitchers can only do so much!
  4. Thanks for putting this together! And thank you, the fab five, for sticking with it making into the great site it is today!!!!!
  5. I am sorry to say, that I agree that the Twins should not trade their future to help them only improve a bad team for one year to become a fair, or maybe good team, but a real playoff team. The long team does look promising with the prospects that they have, but 2022 is the short term.
  6. If he can't pitch like that in a shirt like that, just imagine how he could pith in a real uniform.
  7. Maybe MLB and MLBPA need to go to binding arbitration. But then again, I don't think either one would want to do that. I do know that I love baseball, but the prices have gotten out of my price range. And I don't have cable to watch them do to the cost as a result of the cost of the rights. I see the whole problem being that the billion and millionaires are out of touch with the fans.
  8. As others have stated, his trade value is low right now. For the Twins right now I think that they need to find out what he can do for them. If he does not meet their needs then trades would be in order. But at the low point right now I don't think they could get as much as if they played him in AAA for a while, so wait a while.
  9. I 100% agree, the Twins need a new hitting coach with a very different approach! Last week the opposing pitcher throws 49 in the first inning, rather than taking pitches the next few innings to get him out and burn a relief pitcher which helps the next game, them start swinging at the first pitch and the guy goes 6 innings! Maybe I am old school but it seams to me that part of winning is hurting the other teams chances in the future game by burning their pitching staff!
  10. Now that we at close to the end of a full season, I find it hard to believe that the lack of the 2020 season is the reason they are still walking more. It seems to all through the system. Is it possible that the Twins pitching philosophy is screwed up? Maybe Shoemaker had a point.
  11. Who are the rule 5 players that should or may be protected? Any of the new prospects in this group? Any place that I can find of a list of who is eligible? Thanks for the help.
  12. I basically agree. However, if the Twins DFA the dead weight and add someone to the 40 man, what happens this winter when they have to add the rule 5 players they want?
  13. 7 years for a player that misses over half the games is ridiculous at any price! $10 million for a half time player, no matter how good, is over paying. How many full time players are making $20 million? BTW I am a fan of Buxton, he is a great player, when he plays!
  14. I don't think the Twins should rush Kirilloff back. Maybe even put him on the 60day list so they can find out if a non 40 man player can contribute. Like maybe Miranda.
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