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Musings of a Twins Geezer:

This is my first ramble of words. I'll see how this goes...

I love the Twins - had to get that off my chest first! 

If I continue to write more thoughts in this format will depend on the team compelling me to plow through the season with them. I'm a geezer that is still sharp enough to remember my first game at Metropolitan Stadium, watching the Twins beat the KC Athletics sitting in the left field bleachers after riding the bus up with a bunch of other kids from the southern part of the state. I remember the last game at the Met, in the mist and cold and at games end jumping onto the field to run around the base path and ending up sitting on the bench in the dugout. It was a cold early fall game, but I felt exhilaration and sadness on that bench. She was a rusting beauty, that park.

Then I moved to L.A. and saw many games at Chavez Ravine, it was fun, they were pretty good, Lasorda was entertaining, there were plenty of people you see in movies and on t.v., and plenty that you didn't see there. I grew to love being there. But it was not the Twins. I still followed the Twins.

I remember the Twins winning the first W.S. in '87. I surged with happiness in warm L.A. 

I remember the Twins winning the next and last W.S. in '91. I remember rushing from the jet and running through Sky Harbor in Phoenix in a jacket and tie on a business trip, to find an elevated screen with a swarm of fans watching the game. Cheers, wild cheers as they won! They really won it again! Baseball joy.

Next stop was Colorado for many years. I would sometimes catch the few times the Twins showed up at Coors. Fun, fun, fun. 

Now, back in MN and just retired. I have plenty of things to do and learn to keep me busy. However, I still find myself incredibly drawn to the Twins! Always will.

If I return to this blog page, you may find I have opinions that are not always going to be agreed with. That suits me just fine. Remember, it will be just the musings of a Twins geezer, it is meant for dialogue, it is out of the joy and love that I found as a little young guy and realized that I still have today.


The Geezer.




Entries in this blog

Wiffle Ball

This will be short. Hopefully it will be read by at least one person. When I was a kid, my buddy and I had an uncountable number of wiffle ball games in his family yard. This greatly upset his mother as there were left and right-handed batters spots where we place home plate that would no longer grow grass. Lawn chairs would be set up for the infielders. Hitting a ball to them would be an out except if really laced and it bounced away as in real ball and would be designated an error or hit.

Jeff D.

Jeff D. in Twins Geezer

What is a bunt?

Well it isn't this! As much as I love the Twins (and bundt cake too), it drives me to frustration when small ball could be used but isn't. With a number of terrible at bats in the losing effort against the dreaded Cleveland team, we proved we can swing and miss, but alas, cannot bunt. I would agree that when you have your meat of the lineup coming to bat with men on first and second perhaps a bunt may be the last approach to be used. My issue with that would be when we have attempted the Tw

Jeff D.

Jeff D. in Twins Geezer


Twins Geezer here! Another one of those perplexing games that begins with the Twins tearing the cover off the ball, scoring very little, leaving men stranded, bats going silent and ending with a big L. Not sure about much, but the Twins continue to have a couple of very bad habits. The first, I have brought up before. About every 7 games, we score no runs and look like we have been hit by a Voodoo curse. The second is mentioned in my opening sentence. This one is very concerning. This
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