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  1. Twins front office and coaching staff is void of any real baseball men. Combing the waiver wire and scrap heap looking for ‘high-upside’ arms, then asking a former college pitching coach to tweak their mechanics to add 4 mph to their fastballs is a foolish plan. Newsflash: the bigger, faster guys don’t always win, but that’s how you bet! Rocco gets outmaneuvered regularly, and he has absolutely no feel for a pitching staff or defensive alignments late in games, and his record in close games and especially extra inning games proves it. The roster is completely dysfunctional, with several guys
  2. And, through all of the malaise, Derek Falvey has been virtually invisible. Certainly Rudy Hernandez and Edgar Varella should have been shown the door, and quite possibly Wes Johnson. And now Rocco’s seat has to be warmer than Mike Zimmer’s. No way this team can keep Cruz, Simmons, Pineda, Colome, Donaldson, Kepler, Happ, Robles, Shoemaker, or Rogers beyond the trade deadline. It’s a full on rebuild, and I can’t see this group being competitive again for several years. Too much bubblegum and not enough tobacco juice in the Twins dugout. Nice guys always finish last.
  3. No way Celestino should have been promoted before Broxton.
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