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  1. Happy to be proven wrong but according to what I could find from FanGraphs the Twins and Padres have nearly identical TV contracts. The Padres contract is longer but the value per year is almost the same ($46m vs $43m). https://blogs.fangraphs.com/lets-update-the-estimated-local-tv-revenue-for-mlb-teams/
  2. So they use the SABR Defensive Index, which has Rizzo as the third-worst 1B in the American League at -2.5? Got it.
  3. The Mid-esota Twins. So many 'average' guys fighting for spots, very few star players- especially pitchers.
  4. Well said. One of my favorite pieces of all time on TD. Great job!
  5. We may be nine games back in the Central.. but we are only 8.5 back for a Wild Card!
  6. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy allowing the Twins to keep payroll costs down. If you build it (a competitive roster), they will come. When the Twins win, fans show up. Same for the Wild and Wolves. The Vikings are the exception to the rule, they will always have fans show up. From 2002-2009, the Twins averaged more fans per game every year at the ****** Metrodome than they have averaged this year at bright shiny Target Field in a summer with near perfect weather. Why? Because they were actually competitive. In fact, the 2009 team averaged nearly 30,000 fans a game at the Dome, a number not reached at Target Field since the novelty wore off in 2013. They came close in 2019, a year in which they were competitive. Not just 'win a crappy division' competitive, but actually competing for a WS trophy. I believe if the ownership invested in the product more, for instance extending Berrios and paying some of the core to stick around long term, the fans would respond in kind.
  7. I honestly don't understand where you get me complaining from? Or that I said a single word about poor management? Or not starting Varland (which I am actually in favor of him starting)... Help me understand! I am just noting that the Twins have used a rookie starting pitcher in this type of situation before. It's much more simple than you are making it out to be.
  8. I wasn't talking about failures. Just that an untested Duensing started a playoff game against the Yankees in 2009 and Randy Dobnak did it in 2019 (both at Yankee Stadium) so there is a history an unproven pitcher taking on the Yankees in the playoffs/during a pennant race.
  9. It's a yearly tradition from Brian Duensing to Randy Dobnak... sort of a rite of passage!
  10. Honestly, this situation has major "These are the guys they gave me so I am going to play them" vibes from Rocco.
  11. As long as we are in on guys, I'll be satisfied. In all seriousness this is maybe the only year I am okay with not selling the farm. This team is just not that close. You could make the '87 Twins chip and a chair argument, but that was a core that had grown together and had a rotation led by a Cy Young contender that could pitch three times in a seven game series and a future Hall of Famer for a second starter. While I am not personally holding my breath that it happens, I think you continue to let this core mature this season, get Maeda and Ober back for next season and spend some of that $36 million Correa money on pitching during the offseason. I can't see this front office shelling out for a legit pitcher, but that would be my plan.
  12. Each Friday, Seth joins Dave Overlund on his Hang Up and Listen show on WJON radio in St. Cloud. This week, they handed out 1st half awards and recorded the discussion. Leave comments below on who would choose in each category. View full video
  13. Each Friday, Seth joins Dave Overlund on his Hang Up and Listen show on WJON radio in St. Cloud. This week, they handed out 1st half awards and recorded the discussion. Leave comments below on who would choose in each category.
  14. Being at the game Wednesday was fun. Getting to the ballpark was a different story. I know day games can be tough for parking due to workers using the ramps, etc but we got to Minneapolis at 10:55 and didn't get to our seats until the third inning.
  15. Yankees out of home runs now. Next one is an out I believe
  16. Gio not stepping out while Brieske stood on the mound for seven minutes is low key one of my favorite moments of the year
  17. Man this organization can be frustrating. Why not make Bundy the piggyback and keep Winder's development on track as a starting pitcher? Why not make Lewis the 3B instead of giving at bats to Urshela? Baffling. This also can't be great for relations between the team and his agent.... Scott Boras.
  18. I think 3B makes the most sense. Sending him down now to protect rental Urshela's playing time just wouldn't add up to me.
  19. Provus and Gladden were hilarious about this. Gladden was talking about how it should be Buxton who hits it then, like magic, he does! Gladden does the home run call and talks about the 1,000th home run. When the correction came down, Gladden was (pretending to be) salty that his call wouldn't go down in history and went so far as to suggest they clip his home run call and add it to the end of whoever actually hit the home run. Pretty good radio. 14 (2).mp3
  20. Whatever ends up happening this season, there are some real 2001 vibes going on. A young nucleus learning on the fly, pitchers on their way up, very few payroll obligations moving forward. The watchability of this team is off the charts IMO. It's so refreshing to see Miranda, Lewis, Larnach, Jeffers, etc out there rather than Simmons, Cave, Refsnyder, etc. Same for Duran/Colome and Ryan/Shoemaker or Winder/Happ. I am fine with hitting bumps on the road when it is for the greater good.
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