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  1. Who else do you think the Twins could have gotten for Grateral? Teams aren’t out here trading #2 starters, let alone #1’s, for guys who aren’t even top 50 prospects.
  2. Control is way more important than velocity. That’s why you almost never see guys who throw 100mph with no control have success, and why guys can who throw 88mph with good control be productive.
  3. Assuming health next year we will have a playoff rotation of Berrios, Odo, Pineda, and Hill. That’s a lot better than Berrios, Odo, Dobnak, and a bullpen game. So i think at this point we are in a little better position to compete in the playoffs, and still have time to get even better.
  4. I really like the Hill signing. Dude has a chance to be a great addition down the stretch and potentially a legit postseason starter, all with no risk. Bailey I’m fine with as the 5th starter.
  5. I doubt Gordon would have been enough. The kid they got is a top 100 prospect by some rankings and has huge potential. Gordon will probably be a good player but doesn’t have nearly as much upside
  6. There’s no guarantee they win the game even if May doesn’t give up that homer. And the Twins had chances to make other plays that would’ve helped them win but couldn’t execute.
  7. I think that’s because the FO thought that Romero would be able to help the Twins out of the bullpen early this year. Whereas Alcala isn’t gonna be up this year anyway so there isn’t much harm in waiting a little longer to see if he can become a good starter.
  8. Man Rooker has a really nice looking swing. If he can get that strikeout rate down he’s gonna be a heck of a player.
  9. It’s pretty crazy that we have like 6-7 hitters is AAA that I would be comfortable getting called up and playing if there was an injury on the big league squad. Lots of hitting depth in the org right now.
  10. The box score is saying that he inherited 2 runners and neither of them scored
  11. Does anyone think it’s possible that we bring Gratoral up around mid/late season and put him in the bullpen? I feel like that would be a good way to get him acclimated to the big leagues and help strengthen the bullpen at the same time. Then you can move him back to starting next year and let him compete for a spot in the rotation.
  12. He only threw 90 pitches yesterday and around 75 the other 2 starts. He’d be going plenty deep into games with 100 pitches.
  13. It sounds like they told him to be ready to go up if needed before deciding to go with a De Jong instead. This probably isn’t all that rare.
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