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  1. A few points. 1) I really like Rocco Baldelli 2) I think Rocco Baldelli is a really good manager. NOT perfect and not without mistakes, but really good. 3) I think Rocco Baldelli's even-keeled approach is perfect for a 162-game grind of a season like baseball. 4) I was REALLY glad to hear that Rocco Baldelli called for a players meeting the other night. It was likely overdue. 5) However, I really wish that, once in a while, when warranted, Rocco Baldelli had a little more of a Dave Roberts type of enthusiasm and would celebrate a little more with his players.
  2. Normally I'm not one to split hairs, but I'm going to here. Before we think the ship is righted...Today's game wasn't all that much different than the last 15 with the vast majority of the offensive production coming from Buxton, Cruz, Donaldson. Difference today was the ridiculous amount of production from those three...and the long overdue contribution from Garver. Let's hope the entire lineup begins to round into form....and that J.A. Happ continues to impress. Also, I'm going to be REALLY curious what Maeda looks like once the weather warms. Guy pitched in NL West entire career...and didn't pitch in Minnesota til July in 2020 due to Covid.
  3. Broken. Is there any part of this team that isn't broken right now?
  4. 15 hits in 3 games against a bunch of pitchers who all seemed to start the series with ERAs of 8.00+. Relievers not named Duffey and Rodgers have been....um, not good. I see the word "listless" used a lot in here. This team has become a direct reflection of their manager. I have a novel idea....how about taking BP and infield practice everyday and making the players EARN those days of R&R that Rocco values so much. Seems like in the past, teams would do that AND guys would play 150 games. Now, we're so worried about the R&R and we have one guy who has played every day....and it's Jake freaking Cave!
  5. ...when your "highlight" is that "Smeltzer saved the bullpen", that's a not-very-good-day at the ol' ballpark
  6. Title could have also read "What Was Baldelli (Over)Thinking?!" The pinch running thing was asinine. Blankenhorn isn't any faster than Donaldson and removing JD severely weakened the IF defense....and it bit 'em right in the arse.
  7. You don't need analytics to tell that Sano is either A) out of whack, or just not very good. The "eyeball test" will suffice.
  8. ...3 for 42 with RISP over five games isn't just random bad luck. It's a systematic failure in approach.
  9. I banged this drum repeatedly last year. I know it's only a dozen games but I'm gonna bang it again....these hitters miss James Rowson.
  10. Geez people. The vitriol in here. It's April 11. We are NINE games into a 162-game season. A year ago we didn't know when or if we'd even have baseball in 2020. Just enjoy the games! This FO and Rocco have won back-to-back division titles....gotta trust that they'll make adjustments and changes as needed.
  11. I feel like this article could be written about four times every season. At some point, we have to realize he is who he is. Yep...he'll have a couple hot stretches, but for the most part he is strike out prone and over swings, looking for that moon shot homerun - and he doesn't have to. Would love to see him make the effort to shorten up a little and make more contact...he'd still hit a bunch of home runs.
  12. Nice to see Garver resemble "2019 Mitch". But my jaw is on the floor watching Buxton right now. The first legit MVP candidate since the M & M years. If he plays 130 games and is healthy for the playoffs, this team is for real.
  13. Don't you just love how his "hard hit rate" or exit velo is what we hear about? But in the first 6 games his whiff % is around 47%!! Which is scarily similar to 2020. At some point, we may have to realize that this is who he is. I thought he'd be the DH next year, assuming Cruz will not be back. But maybe Sano is the one who isn't back.
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