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    ....and last week. You thought that the Twins were going to disappear from your lives until next year? Think again. Contrary to popular belief, your favorite players don’t retreat into a cave until spring training. This local Twins fan (internet lurker) will be bringing you a recurring series of what your favorite current and former Twins are doing in the off-season. From fabulous vacations to prepping for another postseason run and the mundane tasks of every day, you’ll find it all here.

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    Taylor Rogers watched Tyler Rogers Pitch for the First Time

    Despite a heartbreaking Game 5 loss to the Dodgers, the silver lining was that Taylor finally got to watch Tyler pitch in person for the first time. There’s nothing quite as heartwarming as one brother trolling another. 

    Taylor also had fun playing the Parent Trap on Giants fans by pretending to be Tyler in the stands during Game 1. We knew that we had a talented lefty on our hands, but who knew that Taylor was also a comedian by night. 

    Eddie Rosario was a Postseason Darling

    There is no question about it: Eddie Rosario has been the star of the NLCS. He’s currently batting .400 in the postseason with a .864 OPS. This is a different Rosario than even the one we saw in the postseason with the Twins. Minnesota’s beloved Eddie has, as they say, “leveled up”. 

    There may be something else to it though. Baseball players, such as Rosario, are just like us. 

    Minnesota may not have a horse in this NLCS race, but this entire state is behind Eddie on his World Series quest. 

    Max Kepler sat on some logs


    ….and ate some candy


    Randy Dobnak had some questions

    Matt Wallner, Zach Featherstone, Michael Helman, Andrew Bechtold, Evan Sisk, Cody Laweryson, and Kody Funderburk, all played for the Scottsdale Scorpions in the Arizona Fall League

    The 2021 Arizona Fall League opened last week. Although the Scottsdale Scorpions have started slowly, each prospect has been exciting to watch. We’ve got you on all of the coverage and recaps from the first week that you need on the AFL season. 



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    Jason Castro has had a couple of huge moments as well. Ryan Pressly is bored. Martin Perez and Hansel Robles, not so much. Danny Santana gets to run once in a while. Twins everywhere in Fenway.


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    Very happy for Eddie one of the most fun players to watch as he plays with so much emotion. He does have a tendency to focus in clutch situations.  That being said someone forgot to tell the Dodgers you don't need to throw strikes to get Eddiie out.  Just go low and away then with two strikes go low and very away and usually an easy swing and miss out.  Pitching him inside is dangerous and anything close to straight also dangerous. 

    At any rate good for Eddie.  With the past tough two years he deserves some good karma. I hope he keeps the hot streak going as I don't want to see the Dodgers in the WS anyway.  Go Eddie.

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    The way Eddie hits crazy bad pitches shows he knows where pitches are going. If he'd just lay off the junk, what he's doing right now is the every day player he'd be. So frustrating, haha. Glad to see people enjoying themselves. Doesn't matter if they're playing for the Twins or not.

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    Kepler's contemplative look suggests to me he's wondering if ANY of the "pile of logs" he's sitting on could be sprinkled with magic dust so he could find a way to rediscover how to be a productive hitter.  Hitting .216 over the last 2 years (597 ABs) with a putrid OBP (sub .315) and even worse SLG % (low .400s) can no longer be considered a slump-------even by the biggest Kepler apologist.

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