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MLB Trade Rumors & the Outfielder That Got Away


Nice piece in MLB TRADERUMORS about the outfielder that got away from the Twins last spring.


Nope, Eddie was already gone when the Twins decided not to go to arbitration.


Akil Baddoo couldn't find any room in the inn and somehow got grabbed by the Tigers and played in the majors in 2021.


Looking for some pitching help, the Twins flipped another guy who walked more than he struckout.




In the end the Twins got to see major league action from prospects Gilberto Celestino and Trevor Larnach before sending them across the rivr to St. Paul.


There also gave major league service time to pickups Kyle Garlick and Rob Refsnyder. They gave some at bats in the end to Brent Rooker. And somehow when shot on ourfielders managed to find time out there for infielder Nick Gordon and Luis Arraez.

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25 minutes ago, big dog said:

I don't know who on earth would have predicted that Wade would hit 18 homers. I don't blame them for trading him, especially given that he was left-handed. I do wish they would have gotten a player that had some actual value, though. That's the real mistake to me.

I blame them. They chose Cave over Wade. Turned out to be a mistake - and we compound mistake by signing Cave again. Lamont was an on base machine in his brief call up. They had to pick Cave because we traded Gil for him. Good for Wade. I am happy for him. I am sad for us.

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Hindsight is always 20/20.

Badoo was a 22 year old who had missed 2020 due to no minor league baseball  that season and had slashed .214/.290/.383 in 29 games in A+ in 2019. Nobody foresaw him being picked in the Rule 5 draft, much less having the season he did. If the roles had been reversed and it was the Twins who had picked him, TD posters would have been going insane saying how bad of a signing this was because he would have had to stay on the MLB roster all season. 

Wade had showed very little in his time with the Twins, slashing .211/.336/.347, Cave slashed .248./.328/.431 over the same period (.254/.321/.451 if you include 2018). Cave had a better track record in MLB and the Twins were hoping he would bounce back from a disappointing 2020. He got hurt early in did not. If I recall, there was some dissent here on TD about trading Wade last off-season, but nothing too bad. Until he started hitting in SF.

If both continue to produce at the level they did in 2021 then yes, they can be added to the list of "The one that got away", but if they regress (see Goodrum, Niko) we will not be talking about them at all in a couple of years.

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