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Pay minor league players.....

Mike Sixel

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For less than the price of one JA Happ, all teams would be able to pay every player in the minors more than enough salary to live and focus on baseball year round. 

A/A+ : $50k salary x 60 players = $3 million

AA : $60k salary x 28 = $1.68 million 

AAA : $75k salary x 28 = $2.1 million 

$6.78 million in this particular example. A literal drop in the bucket for MLB owners. Imagine the ROI improvement producing MLB talent if they invested just a little bit on the front end. 

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No one should defend the owners on this....but minor leaguer pay could be something the player's union fights for too.  It would be a small win with huge ramifications. Instead they always concede that issue in order to further enrich themselves.  These guys suffer most in a fight between millionaires and billionaires.

I've just never understood why teams don't invest in their player assets.  It's a mind-boggling piece of selfishness.

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I can see lesser pay at the minor league camp level, especially if you basically do provide food and lodging. But it still should be much better than they pay for short season ball, and players should be paid for all time spent at the complex, be it fall instructional, spring training, whatever. 


Pay should rise as one goes thru the system, and also how many years you spend playing organized ball (I do believe that six-year free agents who sign do better than most of their AAA counterparts. 


I do applaud he Twins for paying all their minor league players last season!

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