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Potential Owner Player Salary Fight



When you do the math over a full season at full percentage of salary, each offer is the same - roughly 33-35% of full-season salary. The owners aren't offering any compromise. They're packaging the same turd up with a new wrapper and calling it something else.


The players aren't "all about the money". They've come significantly down from their initial stance, but there's been no movement to middle ground from owners. The problem for owners is that Tony Clark and the MLBPA have begun to use the media to negotiate in the same way that the owners have leaked proposals the entire process. A more adept MLBPA with media negotiation that's PO'd by the owners' tactics right now? Good luck in the 2021 CBA negotiations...

From 100% of salary to 100% of prorated salary? It is all about the money for the players.  Same for the owners.

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