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Importance of defense




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This years team has been terrible defensively; a lot of errors (physical and mental), misplayed balls that could have been called errors, throws to the wrong base, missed cut-off men, etc... This then makes me wonder if the pitchers are unable to relax on the mound, trying to be too perfect, not pitching "loose." Constantly throwing from the stretch, having to throw extra pitches, trying to make the perfect pitch to get the strike out, etc... could be hindering their development. We are seeing a lot of bad pitching seasons here. 



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Physical errors are going to happen, and are the human part of the game. Its the mental errors and lapses that drive me crazy. So un-like past Twins teams that it calls into question the quality of the entire coaching staff. As far as the effect it has on the pitchers, by the time they hit this level they have all played with much worse defenses behind them in the minors.

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i dont watch every game...but i'm usually very impressed by the D.. ..Simmons and Polanco are wizards out there and Donaldson plays well at third. I have seen games blown by some errant throws by Arraez and a backup 2B earlier in the year..and Austudillo has bumbled a few at third.(but i luv the guy). the D is not the problem..its the below average pitching staff..and possibly pitch calling / location. i swear i've never seen so many opposition hits with an 0-2 count !! drives me nuts!! pitch shouldn't be catching any part of the plate!!!

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Totally agree with you Mnfireman, defense is very important. And often overlooked in favor of HRs. Like MinninPa, I love to watch Simmons, Donaldson, Buxton, Kepler and Polanco work their magic on the field. The problem is there is a big drop to their replacements, I quince every time I see them play.

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