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  1. Your calculations are wrong. He’s not going to drop to below average this year according to these graphs. The decrease is not -40 for age 34. It’s the decrease from age 33 to age 34. So it’s a 8 or so drop off. It’d be a more accurate guess to say he goes from 132 to 124 this year. 116 year 2 and 108 year 3 and by his last year, about league average. Will his last 2 years be worth the money? Depends on defense but the 1st 2 easily worth the money. Thanks for writing though.
  2. No chance they give up both Graterol and Javier in this deal. I don't think I'd give up either.
  3. Miranda turns 21 this week, he's 4 years younger than the average FSL player. he's holding his own in a pitchers league and he showed power with 16 HRs as a 19 year old last year. He might be rated too LOW if anything
  4. Lucky for you he never was a pick and never really was fat. He signed as an International free agent and was 6'4 185 Lbs before the last couple years of bulking up. He's also hit quite a few triples in his pro career, so he hasn't been that slow. also has never had a bad K rate too. must be thinking of a different player. Congrats to Lewin, well deserved!
  5. Yeah you're right Gray wouldn't be too cheap, I added him after I was already thinking about Bundy. I don't think he'd cost a ton though as he has struggled to keep the ball in the park for 2 years and hasn't been great this year. Think he would be better than Pineda and would be a piece for the rotation past this year so I'd consider moving a couple mid range prospects for him.
  6. Other potential trade targets I think the Twins should look at are Zack Wheeler and Jose Urena. Wheeler has a good resume and is one of the hardest throwers but is a rental so shouldn't cost a ton. Urena has 2 years of control and has been a solid starter but never been a strikeout guy even though he throws 97.. If the Twins think that they can help him add strikeouts he could be a great pick up. Aaron Sanchez could also be a 5th starter candidate with 1 year of control. Everyone is focusing on Stroman but I'm not sure he's that much better than Sanchez and Sanchez would likely cost quite a bit less. A project pitcher they could get fairly cheap would be Dylan Bundy or Jon Gray, they have good stuff so I wouldn't be mad to see them take a chance on him for the right price. One of these moves would allow Pineda to work in the bullpen like he should be. Any thoughts about these guys?
  7. Thanks for the response, Seth. I agree with most of this. I do think Helman will have some power and that a line drive hitter can destroy baseballs as well
  8. This lineup is insane. I don't really get why they'd want to have Rortvedt and Jeffers at the same level, or that many infielders who should be starting somewhere. IMO, Jeffers and Rortvedt should both be starting somewhere. Also think that either Blankenhorn or Miranda should be at another level. Miranda should be playing everyday. Hope this loaded roster doesn't force Helman to the bench too often. Very interested in seeing him destroy baseballs.
  9. Polanco's OPS has been over .723 every year, and his worst year was his breakout after a slump. Phil Hughes had 1 good year, and got twice as much money. Polanco is younger, and has always hit. Even if he doesn't do great its 25M over 5 years, at 5M/year you can barely get a decent utility IF in FA. He will be worth twice that pay. as for the option years, they may not be great deals come that time but they're options so we can get out after 5 years if needed. GREAT signing
  10. How? He has never hit besides AA for half a season. And he's gonna be a 2nd baseman.
  11. Prospect status isn't just about stats. A lefty with low velo can succeed in lower levels if they have 2 decent offspeed and control, which Gonsalves has. I'd put them the same spot if I could. I'm still hopeful for Gonsalves but the "remember berrios" thing isn't relevant because they are complete opposites
  12. Everyone is always sleeping on Polanco.. I'd give him 6/40 today with last 2 years being option years 1 team, then 1 player and I doubt he would turn it down. Similar deal would be Ketel Marte.
  13. These 5 are all about the same spots in my list. I agree that Acala and Miranda should be in the 16-20, but I could easily see them both being top 10 on the midseason list. That is what makes this system fun. A lot of high ceiling guys in the teens and outside top 20. I could see 2 of these 5 turning into really good MLB players.
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