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  1. The pick is fine. Lets see what he signs for and what they do with the rest of the draft. With the slotting system its impossible to judge one pick. This quote from Johnson makes me worried though: "We really believe in wisdom of crowds" Has that ever been said before?
  2. Balazovic fell 25 spots from his '19 midseason list - Any reason for this fall? Kirilloff went up 6 Lewis went up 3
  3. Has he made some kind of adjustment to his delivery? Is he doing something new? If not his lack of control is a big problem. He is a cool story and can call himself a major leauger for the rest of his life. But if he is not doing something new, he is a likely candidate to be DFA'ed to make room for someone else.
  4. I fully expected this to be an interview with Carl Pavano as a tribute to Marthaler
  5. Maybe I have been spoiled by the usual quality on this site but this article feel like something written by a content farm. You dont mention more obvious guys who are on the 40 man like Gordon, Blakenhorn and Raley while Rooker isn't even on the 40 man.
  6. Not sethBut no. Top prospects dont get called up to sit on the bench. They might get called up if a starter goes down for significant time. Guys like Astudillo, Wade, Cave and maybe Gordon (if he is still on the roster) will benefit
  7. I think we should just wait for Keith Law to give us an out of nowhere pick ala Balazovic
  8. Chasing access is a powerful lure. Can't have press passes, interviews and getting "VIPs" to show up at events without puff peices.
  9. They're not so high on Maciel. I would've thought a high A 20 year old CF'er with good speed and decent bat skills would rate higher.
  10. Id be surprised if they get a top young pitcher without dealing Balazovic, Lewis or Kirillof.
  11. I don't understand how quantum physics works but it doesn't distract me from enjoying my toast in the morning.
  12. Good god man. Just because someone is young and in the leauge does not make them good. His peripherals are bad and he would be a JAG on the AAAA shuttle for the twins.
  13. Position players and wild pitchers rarely get rule 5'ed and if they do they often dont stick. Id say Duran Rio and maybe Jax. If Celestino's glove is good enough some team may take a risk on him as a 4th OF'er but I doubt it. Chalmers walks make him unlikely to stick on a 25 man roster all year.
  14. Blankenhorn's reemergence has been fun to watch. Still young and in AA
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