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  1. First, thank you all for the time and thought you put into this list. Yes, there is zero doubt that the Twins have the best A+ and below minor league system. Arguably, the best AA and below system. But, I think, and this very moment, we are looking at the apex of the system for the foreseeable future. I think we all expect to lose 2 or 3 top prospects between now nd July 31st. And (hopefully) The Twins will not have high draft picks over the next few years. So, let's put this Top 30 in the vault.
  2. If the minor league starting pitcher of the year is #33, then, yes, the State of the System is indeed strong.
  3. A playoff rotation is only four deep. If the Twins trade for a starter, then two current starters get moved to the pen come playoff time. Win-win? But I'd still prefer they trade for rental RPs.
  4. Exactly my thought. 31st ranked player chosen 13th. I don't know the slot $ for 31, but Flavine didn't flash the magic they have had in past years.
  5. If I recall, the DSL Twins hit the heck out of the ball last season. I hope we see some in Elizabethton this year.
  6. So, based on their Day 2 draft, it sees like Elizabethton will field an opening day defense of a pitcher, a catcher and seven middle infielders.
  7. They had better. Stott was a much safer pick. I still trust that their next two picks will reveal their strategy.
  8. Tons of injury worries. In a vacuum this is a horrible (C-, Jonny Flynn) pick. But lets see how the bonus money works out.
  9. I'm guessing way under slot. # 28 ranking Let Flavine use the extra money to do their magic.
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