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  1. Postgame Pint is a great idea! More Rena appearances please, she is awesome on these! Or maybe her own podcast.
  2. Without knowing anything, I’ll be hoping Cole Wilcox is available.
  3. Great article Andrew, I love these look backs at specific draft classes as I often forget who was drafted when and in what round.
  4. IMO, Dodgers need to kick more in to complete the deal and if they refuse the Twins should pull it back.
  5. I like this “inside baseball” insight into the website. How about “Hard Hit Rate” or “Hard Click Rate” for the title?
  6. I, for one, hope the Twins find a way to keep Austin. Extreme RH power is never a bad thing at Target Field.
  7. I'm with you Jeremy, let's ride this out! I love the Royce Lewis pick and the fact the new regime doesn't care about Boras. So tired of Minnesota fans fearing his guys.
  8. I think what rattles me the most (with no insight on their board) is the Radcliffe quote.
  9. I am all in on Falvine and while, admittedly, I lean more Bonnes than Gleeman on the cynicism scale, I'm having some trouble with the 1st day approach.
  10. Buddy had 9 pitches in his inning of relief, Why not trot him out there for another go? 9 pitches.
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