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  1. By all means, let's get Singles Donny in there and AAAA Garlick as soon as possible. I was outraged by this move and still am.
  2. Where's Pablo Lopez? Zac Gallen could be in the door later this year, but that could cost us Lee. Might even be worth it.
  3. Pagan for a bowl of Cincinnati Skyline Chili would work for me.
  4. Please please please make it stop.
  5. There is NO downside to the pitch clock. None. There is even less time between innings now. Who's against that??? I don't necessarily agree with the shift ban -- less legislation is almost always correct -- but let's move on. TWINS COUNTRY, LET'S RIDE
  6. Start getting Brooks Lee some time at 3b in camp and AA immediately. He's 22 (not unheard of) and has the "it" factor; all can see it. Unload Farmer to the Dodgers or another team later in the year and ramp up Lee at 3B. Early in the season you bring Lee up and rotate the 3B/1B/SS/DH rotation with Correa, Miranda, Kiriloff, Lee and Royce. Start phasing Royce into some time at 2B as well. 2024 Lineup: 1B: Miranda/Kiriloff 2B: Royce SS: C4 3B: Brooks Lee LF: Gallo/Larnach/Wallner CF: Buxty RF: Gallo/Larnach/Wallner DH: Miranda/Kiriloff/Anyone Twins Country, Let's Ride.
  7. I gotta say, trading Gio was worth it simply because I don't have to listen to his walk-up song anymore. Horrible.
  8. Hello all... I see Twins Fest tickets for Saturday are sold out on the official website. Does anyone have an idea of a secondary market or some other means to acquire one so close to the event?
  9. What does a 6 man rotation actually accomplish, though? Off day on day 2 of season. Now you're one man shorter in the bullpen and we all know how Rocco likes to go to the pen early and often. 5 Man rotation with Ober to AAA in waiting or Maeda to the pen (for good). Actually, Maeda in the pen is kind of tantalizing.
  10. I do believe that we will see Duran in a conventional closer role for years to come and nothing else and that's just fine with me!!
  11. I wonder if they're talking about converting Royce to 3B now? I don't see Celly as a long term major league player, ever. Seems the Twins might not, either.
  12. I wouldn't call it "fun" watching Arraez not get to a routine ball in LF to lose a game. Nor would I call it "fun" watching him air mail 1B to lose another soon after.
  13. Celestino's soft contact (observationally... I don't have numbers to back it up) is far too extreme for me to be excited about his potential at all. He's also not an exceptional OF in my mind. He is now redundant and I don't see much further development, but hope I'm wrong.
  14. 1) Polanco (S) -- 2B 2) Correa (R) -- SS 3) Buxton (R) -- CF/DH 4) AK47 (L) -- 1B/DH 5) Miranda (R) -- 3B/1B/DH 6) Gallo (L) -- LF/RF 7) Larnach/Walner/Taylor/Gordon - (L/R) -- DH/OF 8) Kepler (L) - RF 9) Vazquez/Jeffers (R) -- C
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