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A Potentially Curious Pattern this Offseason?

One thing I've noticed this offseason is that the Twins seem to be following a curious pattern.  So, they signed Christian Vazquez, right? He's a pretty decent hitting catcher, a very good defender and swings from the right side.  Sound familiar?  They also traded for Michael A. Taylor, a right-handed hitter with some speed and terrific defense. Sound familiar? To some extent too, the Twins bringing back Carlos Correa is also maybe a signal for another player they though


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my concern with the correa deal

It makes sense that the Twins didn't want to match the deal for Correa from a years standpoint but the AAV was just a shade under $28 million per year. That's more than $7 million less than the Twins paid him last year, which should have been attainable right? We've seen a wave of deals with longer terms, and it's because teams are using them to kind of skirt the luxury tax. Correa's going to get that money whether he plays 8, 10 or 13 years but the implications are that the Giants can work


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