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A Potentially Curious Pattern this Offseason?




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One thing I've noticed this offseason is that the Twins seem to be following a curious pattern. 

So, they signed Christian Vazquez, right? He's a pretty decent hitting catcher, a very good defender and swings from the right side. 

Sound familiar? 

They also traded for Michael A. Taylor, a right-handed hitter with some speed and terrific defense.

Sound familiar?

To some extent too, the Twins bringing back Carlos Correa is also maybe a signal for another player they thought would be a franchise-transforming shortstop. 

It's possible I'm overthinking this, but bringing in Vazquez as the template for what they'd like Ryan Jeffers to be seems far from accidental. The same thing can be true for Taylor with Gilberto Celestino, who is almost certainly gonna start the season at St. Paul. 

Celestino had more than his share of gaffes on the field last season, but the template is there for a good defender with some speed and a bit of pop from the right side.

For Royce Lewis, I can't imagine a better mentor/player to model his game after than Correa. 

I don't know. It's possible I'm overthinking this. What do you think? 



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8 minutes ago, vulturepaj said:

I wonder if they're talking about converting Royce to 3B now?  

I don't see Celly as a long term major league player, ever.  Seems the Twins might not, either.

it's possible. but plenty of players have needed time to find their bearings on a big-league field. it's a big-league skill set, anyhow.

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