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  1. MplsFan Verified Member 71 Posted 10 minutes ago "I’ve felt like Jax is far less effective in multiple inning appearances, so I just took a look and he’s given up 7 runs in his multi inning games vs just two in times he goes one inning" Including today Jax has been 15 games. 6 games he has pitched one inning or less and given up 2 runs, in 2 games, over 5.1 innings for an ERA of 3.38. 9 games he pitched more than one inning and given up 7 runs in 3 games, over 19 innings for an ERA of 3.32. He had one bad multi inning game where he gave 4 runs in 2.1 innings against Cleveland. (Twins were ahead 11-2 before he gave up any runs). To me it looks like he is just as effective in long relief as he is in short relief.
  2. Smeltzer's is at 83 pitches, will he get the 7th. Last start he was pulled after 80 pitches.
  3. I'm in agreement with letting Smeltzer start the 8th, he had already faced the top of the order for the 3rd time through the lineup. Why not let him try to get the 6,7,8 batters in the 8th for a 3rd time. What I really don't understand is using Duffey, prior to last night he had 3 appearances vs KC for 2.1 innings, giving up 4 runs for an ERA of 15.43 (after last night his ERA vs KC is 18.90). IMHO KC has seen Duffey enough that they know what to swing at and what to lay off and Duffey knows this so he ends up grooving pitches. In Duffey's 14 non KC appearances he has pitched 15 innings with an ERA of 1.80. Duffey is an OK reliever, just not against KC.
  4. Dman 4,908 Gold Caretaker Posted 1 hour ago "Doesn't the trade of Donaldson really include Mitch Garver to some degree as well? The Twins couldn't get Kiner-Falefa without giving up Garver so in the end the trade was. Garver, Kiner-Falefa, Rortvedt and Donalson for Sanchez, Urshela and Henriquez? I don't think you can completely leave the loss of Garver out of that trade IMO. That seems like a lot to give up to get rid of Donaldson" The way I look at in total, after all the trades and signings, the Twins gave up Garver, Donaldson and Rortvedt to receive Sanchez, Urshela and Henriquez and freed up enough money to sign Correa. Kiner-Falefa was a trade chip received and the traded. From my point view as of today, this is a win for the Twins.
  5. I don't like the decision, as I believe that Lewis' bat and speed is a difference maker. In the 11 games he was up the Twins were 6-5 and I believe Lewis was instrumental in 2 of the wins, the 12-8 win vs Cleveland where he accounted for 5 of the runs and the 3-1 win against Oakland where he scored 2 runs. In the 11 games the Twins scored 32 runs and Lewis was involved in 8 of those runs (runs + RBI - HR) or 25% of the production. i believe that Lewis is capable of playing 3rd, outfield and if necessary 1st. I know some believe that it is a waste of his athletic abilities to play first, but right now his bat is more important to the Twins, so what's wrong with him starting at first when facing a left hander, Arraez would be available to pinch hit for Urshella or Celestino and Lewis could fill in their positions, with Arraez taking 1st. Just my 2 cents. An additional point is that baring an injury Lewis is in St. Paul for 10 days.
  6. "Don't tell that to Ron Washington." I know Ron Washington said that, but I also know that I played 1st when I was young (youth and Legion ball) and it was easier than right field as I wasn't fleet afoot. I was tall and left handed. There is a reason that athletes transition to first as they get older or are injured (Mauer). 1st is the least demanding of the positions in regards to speed and arm strength.
  7. I want him to stay up as well. Given the Twins 1st base situation I would give him a try there. I believe that 1st is one of the easiest positions to play. Arraez has has done ok, but on hard grounders (to 1st or 3rd) he has tendency to swing his glove to his side and "hope" the ball finds it. As a result Baseballsavant has Arraez giving up 6 runs. I believe that Lewis could move around the diamond 1st, 3rd, SS & outfield and be an average or plus defender. Just my 2 cents. Go Twins
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