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  1. On the contrary you are seriously in error on that front. I very much give credit where credit is due. Perhaps you don't analyze as much as I do but my career made me that way. Try writing 4000 or so game stories and avoid being analytical.
  2. Would agree that many managers would be on the negative side of the equation, but not to this level and still have a job.
  3. I'm basing it on the pitcher I watched get 6 outs on Sunday. Why do like the Pagan choice? (This should be good)
  4. Arbitrary or not 2019;-10, 2020 -10, 2021 -15 and so far in 2022 -9
  5. Or perhaps let Jax go one more and give Duran 9 and 10 given that extras seemed likely. There were options beyond flying the Hindenburg again.
  6. An improper assumption on your part. But whatever. Have a great night!
  7. I believe his name is Thornburg. But I do know this MOST managers would not have handed the ball to Pagan given the events of the last 10 days. And he had made that decision before Kepler's AB. In what universe would you think he made the proper choice?
  8. Replay tonight's 10th inning. Case closed.
  9. Although I didn't think insults were allowed here. Hmmm
  10. Feel free to defend him. -44
  11. I'm sorry but it's really very simple. Managers make decisions all the time that impact outcomes and Mr. Baldelli has gone against the grain on 43 occasions that did prove to be a positive when the vast majority of managers would have gone in a different direction and produced a different result. That is my opinion and I'm not inclined to further defend it.
  12. Then I certainly apologize as I mistook you sharing the information of all of the people you know as something less than fact. But I get it. This is very much a pro Baldelli board. I'm just not one of his cheerleaders and that's hardly trolling. But again. I'm done with this topic.
  13. Okay, please try to follow this. Manager A makes questionable decision, one that would not be made by most professional managers and said decision takes a result that most managers would have placed in the left hand column and places it on the right side of the ledger. For that outcome Manager A receives a WAR of -1. I began my tally in early April of 2019 when the level of inexperience was apparent, although that season said Manager was saved more than once by the Bombo Squad. The number now stands at -43 after a particularly brutish summer of 2021. You asked. I answered and I am done with this topic. Thank you for the discussion.
  14. Here's what I'm willing to share. I was blessed to be 8 years old when the Senators moved from Washington. I listened to Opening Day from the Bronx in April of '61 on the 830 and was hooked. For the next 12 years i watched or (mostly) listened to at least a portion of every game the franchise played. At that point I was blessed again to begin a career where a significant part of the task from March to whenever was covering the team which is the subject of this blog: the highs, the lows, the wonders of '87 and '91, and the dog days of which there were many. Have I seen it all? Of course not but certainly more than most and I have strong, well-founded opinions, for which I will not apologize. But I do enjoy a lively debate, which is why I visit this blog. Thank you for sharing your opinion.
  15. Darn, had I known this was going to be a quiz I would have saved my game story from game 7, 1991, I'm sure at least a few of the posters saw it.
  16. Sorry but Mr. Francona is playing chess while your guy is still trying to figure outif he has the red or black checkers.
  17. When I had an office my job in very large part was to cover the team of which we speak so I would not describe myself as a "fan." A passionate observer certainly since Opening Day 1961 but when one must apply journalistic standards to the subject at hand the fan part of the equation becomes secondary.
  18. I would politely suggest this: If Mr. Francona was in the Minnesota dugout and Mr. Baldelli was doing his thing in Cleveland the Twins would have won all 6 games in this series so far and the Guardians would be sucking exhaust fumes instead of having the opportunity to close within one game by tomorrow night. But I will give Mr. Baldelli credit for this: His teams have proven to be remarkably resilient, able to recover from the most gut-punching of losses, which is why I have suggested in the past he is better suited to be a yoga instructor.
  19. Actually I covered this team for more than 4 decades so documenting this sort of thing is in my background and I have been doing so since day one of Mr. Baldell's tenure. But I'm happy to agree to disagree.
  20. As has been pointed out the young man is TJ waiting to happen so no. If I'm going Godfather I'm talking to Oakland where you might get a bullpen arm in the process.
  21. Did you ever have the pleasure of attending a spring training workout, that's workout not game, during TK's tenure? Fundamentals over and over and over again. And it showed during the season. Being a disciple of TK'd, Gardy ran a similar program and it also showed during the season. Under Mr. Baldelli not so much. And yes the manager is completely responsible for his staff.
  22. It is based on being a very astute observer and noting that a replacement, virtually any replacement who manages at the professional level, would have won 43 more games during his tenure. Not to question your math skills but last year he was -15 which would have placed them at 88-74, or on the cusp of the post season. Not 106 and whatever. But varying opinions make the world go 'round and enjoyed the discussion. Thank you
  23. My issues with the Twins manager run much deeper than his often questionable decisions regarding the pitching staff. His teams would consistently receive low marks for fundamentals, situational hitting and the manufacture of runs and those are areas that fall directly on the manager and his staff (and he is responsible for his staff). Good managers can steal games because their teams can beat you with mosquito bites. In close games that matters over a long season, which is a big reason why his WAR is -43.
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