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  1. That would be a necessity for those who had just gotten mugged in the parking ramp.
  2. At the risk of facing a permanent ban I respectfully disagree with your assessment of the downtown perils. While I'm retired from a business that worked very closely with the Minnesota Twins (I spent in excess of 100 days on site during the construction of TF) and our offices were/are within walking distance I was chatting recently with a former co-worker who said he would not, under any circumstances, consider making that journey on foot after the sun goes down. The safety of parking at MOA is for another discussion. Cheers!
  3. Weather, the lockout, a manager whose very questionable competency hardly inspires confidence in the product and the reality of a downtown that is more dangerous than ever before (and I worked downtown for many, many years). With that said I did shell out $300 for premium seats to an upcoming Twins game. But the game will be taking place at Chase Field in Arizona.
  4. Once again I'm reminded of the classic tale related by Jim Bouton in Ball Four. A youngster comes home from a pickup game and his Dad asks him how he did. "I had a no hitter until the big kids got out of school." The big kids came to TF recently and it wasn't pretty. Still when the schedule offers 57 games against Cleveland, Detroit and Kansas City reaching October is not an insurmountable task. Way too early for me to evaluate said experiment but if I'm in the front office planning to go a little further I would do two things: Engage in serious talks with Oakland and hand the overmatched manager a bus ticket back to New England.
  5. He was suspended due to perceived racist nature of the comment and for me it is NOT possible to perceive that, The jackassy part of this equation is what Anderson said in the first place.
  6. Not sure what line he crossed other than renting space between Anderson's ears. As I said earlier perhaps it was ill advised but it certainly was not racism.
  7. While his ST numbers were dreadful in the limited a bats I observed he was hitting bullets for outs. If he can stay healthy he definitely has a role on this roster.
  8. Of course you're neglecting to mention his ineptitude in the loss at Oakland and the surrender on Sunday which was avoided by some timely at bats. By my count Mr. Baldelli's WAR is -37 so yes he should have been fired long ago and a one run win over a last place team at home doesn't alter that.
  9. Perhaps he should be considered an "opener." In that light 4 innings is just fine. The problem is Bundy is a part of the same rotation and in tandem those two can't work long term. But I hope Favline are once again able to shower off the stench from the dumpster dives.
  10. I have had a similar concern. Amid this first place frivolity is the reality that one of the best players on the planet is currently 3-36.
  11. Would concur it was wise to move Donaldson for a number of reasons, including his impact in the clubhouse. With that said his suspension is beyond ridiculous. Anderson, in print, compared himself to Jackie Robinson and for that he should have been roundly criticized. While the two players share an African American heritage in what universe did he face the same challenges achieving big league success as those encountered by Mr. Robinson and I have no doubt Mr. Anderson's comments were scoffed at in clubhouses across MLB. JD simply decided to use it as ammunition for a little trash talking. That's gamesmanship (if perhaps ill-advised) but it certainly is NOT racism. This is just another example of political correctness run amok, Personally I thought the Twins paying homage to a convicted felon on the outfield wall was offensive (hint-I tune in to escape the divisive world of politics). And as soon as MLB made the unwarranted move to take the AS Game out of Atlanta the Braves became my rooting favorite to win it all. Karma!
  12. To be more politically correct (as demanded apparently) it is my humble opinion that Mr. Baldelli is a victim of the Peter Principle. In other words he has risen to the level of his own incompetence and the Minnesota Twins Baseball Club will not reach the promised land under his watch as he is better suited to do something else. Yoga instructor perhaps.
  13. Actually Baldelli was inept the year he won MOY. The "Bombas" bailed him out of a lot of stupidity. He MAY be a wonderful human being but he couldn't manage a two stool lunch counter.
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