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  1. At $20 a month, they priced themselves way too high for most people to pick it up. I have Hulu and have been waiting for this, but I am not paying that much a month. $10 a month is my limit. Honestly, I just don't see how Bally and Sinclair can afford to keep going at this rate. It has been nothing but bad press and angry customers since they took over. At some point, MLB will have to step in because fans that can't watch the games won't keep being fans.
  2. I'm not saying he is terrible and should be batting 8th just to hide him. With his power, Sano should be hitting 4th or 5th in the lineup everyday. But his low average and high Ks end up pushing him to the back half of the lineup. I have a hard time calling some one that even slides out of his usual 6th spot in the lineup to the 7th spot sometimes an above average hitter. Those spots of the line-up are for the average hitters
  3. He is not an above average hitter. His career average is .236. He has only hit above .250 twice in his seven year career, now eighth year. His slugging percentage only makes him an average hitter, at best.
  4. This could be the magical World Series season if it all falls into place, which definitely is possible. The pieces are all there for that to happen, but I'm not holding my breath. Realistically, I would consider this season a success if two things happen: The Twins win a playoff game and kill that 20 year monkey that has been on their back and Correa decides to stay for next year. This would set them up for an actual WS run in a couple seasons.
  5. So, no one throws that hard with that much movement. In the beginning of July, the reports will be arm soreness and then Tommy John surgery by the end of July. It will be fun to watch while it lasts
  6. While they have had some luck winning the opener the last couple years, over the last decade it has been a losing affair. Winning game 1 with a youngster would make it pretty sweet over the disappointment of the club ace losing the first game.
  7. I cringe every time I see Buxton running full speed at the wall. Maybe they could pad the walls like gigantic pillows at Target Field. Or teach Buxton the Bo Jackson wall run
  8. I remember beginning of July that year talking with co-workers about who was better, Santana or Liriano, By the end of the month, it was Liriano hands down. A bad game for Liriano was giving up 4 hits. We could have had the 1st and 2nd place Cy Young pitchers, and the Cy Young would have been Liriano.
  9. I have been wondering if I will be able to watch any games this year if they do play. I have Hulu for live TV and watched maybe 5 games last year. The whole Bally Sports TV contract debacle has left me quite annoyed for over a year.
  10. Knowing that Correa is way too much money for the Twins, there are a couple moves the front office could make. If the Twins could sign Story and Carlos Rodon, they could then make a trade for another pitcher and set themselves up to make a run in a year or two when some these pitching prospects finally become big league pitchers they are supposed to be
  11. But the Cubs do have a history of spending money and signing the big names. The Cubs could sign more people after Stroman to fill out their roster to be competitive. If the Twins signed Rodon, I just don't see them spending any more big money and they still are not competitive this year.
  12. The only way Rodon signs with the Twins is if they overpay. If the high end of the market for Rodon is a one year deal at 25 million, Twins will have to offer 45-50 million over 2 years to get him to come to a rebuilding team. You have to pay to get players to sign with rebuilding teams.
  13. Had he not injured his elbow, I think 2006 Liriano could have been #1 on the list. Liriano was pitching better than Santana that year and Santana won the Cy Young that year. Another "what could have been" player and season
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