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  1. …and that’s why we all remember the M&M boys! Not one single year of historic greatness but 4 out of 5 years of 10+ (rounding up of course)…..sounds like we need Correa to stay all 3 years to see if they can out-do M&M!
  2. I had that same question. Article is incredible and insightful to bring back all the great memories and hopefully prepare us for seeing Twins duo greatness! The real question is whether Buxton is Batman or Robin??
  3. I agree with a lot of the sentiment on this - Ryan seems like he has the stuff to be a legit #2 starter longer term and let’s all hope he carries over his swagger into the season. Great analysis on what makes his stuff hard to hit; it’s not always as simple as velocity and/or location. Opening day brings optimism and if Ryan and Ober can build off their 2021 it may not be enough to get us into the playoffs or past the first round in ‘22,, but set us up for heading in that direction with a young but impressive bullpen for 2023.
  4. Great article Nash! I agree, people have too much time on their hands if they are dissecting what it means to let him eat. 100MPH and 3 consecutive seasons >10 K/9 seems like a talent that is ready for extended MLB bullpen duty. In a season that if the chips fall right we get into the playoffs, feels like we don’t have a lot to lose by putting him in situations to succeed early in the year. Let’s see what he has and maybe he builds himself into a reliable arm WHEN we are playing in October!
  5. Andrew, great article! I always appreciate your research and what seems like unbiased positioning. While everyone can have an opinion, I like reading your articles and feeling like I can draw my own conclusions instead of being biased by the article. Keep kicking out these analytics-filled insights that help us all learn what may be one layer deeper. I’m personally not excited about either Yankee and the loss of Mitch, but I do think Sonny has the potential to be a strong #2 and will make a great 1-2-3 with Maeda and hopefully Ryan in 2023!
  6. I certainly hope Dobnak can return to 2020 form if he gets some stability in his role. I was so excited when I heard about his progress in early ‘21 spring training. Too early to write him off; he has some nasty stuff if he is set up for success. Between Pineda and Maeda injuries it forced so many guys into unfamiliar roles and unfortunately many didn’t seem to adapt and step up when given the chance.
  7. Great insights Cody! There are lots of arms in our system that seem to have long term MLB potential and your article does a great job painting the picture. It also reinforces to me how incredibly hard it is to be an MLB pitcher. I read somewhere that only 20,000 players have ever appeared in the MLB in the past 150 years, and half of those are pitchers. And nearly half of the 10,000 pitchers have around 50 innings or less. We have to rely on our farm system to develop a couple of MLB ready arms per year to fill out our staff. It will be fun to see which of the names you include here can be hurling at Target Field!
  8. Another informative article Andrew! I agree with a few of the responses and even your analysis that the players like Rohrtvedt and Celestino were rushed and the harsh reality of your ratings is they didn’t perform well and deserve the grade you gave them,, but that’s how life goes…doesn’t mean they won’t be much better in ‘22. It’s amazing to see the deep insight about how all these performed against league comparisons. Keep up the great posts! The debates about debuts vs rookie status feel oddly unnecessary…
  9. I agree that Harmon, Puck, Carew and Mauer are the Mount Rushmore of Twins history, all for different reasons and different eras. Rod may have had the most impressive run of outstanding seasons but what Puckett brought in terms of swagger and his success leading us to our 2 most recent (??) championships I tend to agree puts him in the top spot. Who is going to be our leader to get us another parade down Hennepin Ave?
  10. Great summary Andrew! Mauer clearly belongs in the Mount Rushmore of Twins legends with the obvious 3 left to come. You make a great case for how even with his concussion decline he still meant so much to this organization on and off the field. He epitomizes all that is great about the Twins. We can wish for more wins as fans, but the Twins and players like Mauer have a lasting impact on all of us. I still get chills and tears seeing him appear from the dugout with his catching gear on with Bremer’s legendary call.
  11. Great article Sherry! And all the comments help me realize how great Bert really was - I wouldn’t have pegged him as top 10 or so but that seems to be what the experts say the WAR shows. Maybe it’s just the nature of Twins fans to not realize how truly amazing these top 12 players were in MLB history. Looking forward to the top 4!
  12. I would have to say 2013 (only) Josmil Pinto. 21 games, 162 OPS+. I like to forget his 2014 season. That’s what September excitement looks like when you are finishing 66-96, 27 games out of first place.
  13. These articles are so fun! I love how you put their careers into context from a numbers perspective, but just as much from the stories and events that led to their greatness. Kaat’s legacy is even more impressive looking back now and it is exciting to see him going into the HOF!
  14. I had the same reaction as MikeLink about Harmon, and also was surprised by Knoblauch, Koskie and Mack. I guess it just goes to show you how rare it is to have a 4 WAR season at a low salary - living within the $130M cap and building this powerful of a team is amazing. The Twins have had some special seasons and to have Dozier, Hunter and Harmon left off emphasizes it even more. Do you know what the best team single season WAR in MLB history is for context? I’d love to know who those $20M players were - probably some of the same people just later in their careers and contracts? I also look forward to seeing how you fill out the bullpen and utility players on a team like this! Thanks Andrew for fun reading and reminiscing during this miserably cold week and especially the lockout!
  15. These 3, plus Ryan and Ober, give us a solid 5 that will let our offense compete every day. Add an arm or two in the pen (I still like the Tepera option if nothing else to stick it to the Sox) and we have an exciting lineup 1-9 with many young players surrounded by Buck, Polanco and Donaldson and if you have to give up an affordable contract like Garver or Jeffers and Kepler or Arraez to the A’s to get Bassitt it feels like we have the parts in place to win 85-90. I agree we have to build around Buxton to make his contract worthwhile. Hopefully Sano can put together a bit of a more consistent season and finish 0.900 OPS. 75 days until pitchers and catchers report? How many times can I watch Major League to get me through the winter??
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