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  1. I don't believe anyone on the Twins could benefit more by the new shift rules than Kepler. The vast majority of his ground balls hit were fielded in short right field. As hard as Kepler hits hits no second baseman will field that ball without the shift. I could be wrong but a little patience and we might have the hitter he started out as and come up with some surprising numbers. The level of return will not change much between now and July. If he does well the return could be very good
  2. Imagine how he could bring back the Bomba Squad as hitting coach Kepler Polanco Larnack might go crazy with no shift and Cruz instructing hard contact and exit angle
  3. The AFL is perhaps the most enjoyable baseball played in Arizona. Spring training has become a marketing joke with prices that exceed regular season games except premium games. The AFL Provides great baseball my grand children love to watch and have seen many of today's stars in their early stages of development. A new leaguewould just be a new money stream for clubs who would attempt to profit instead of providing a place where young prospects can learn from coaches from a variety of other thoughts and teachings. Teams teach their way or the highway and leave no other options. As the case of Cleveland who consistently turns out SP but rarely a hitter or Minnesota who only can produce hitters.
  4. Can anyone name a high school pitcher the Twins drafted in the last twenty years that became a 1 or 2
  5. And those call ups will only be fringe pitchers with no chance of them being anything but inning eaters
  6. With the stats these players are putting up the chances of any getting a September call up are slim and none. The FO. Will only call up fringe pitchers so Rocco can have a 17 or 18 man pitching staff. Fo doesn't care about service time on them. These fringe pitchers will never reach 6 years to reach free agency
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