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  1. I don't care if you hit 90 HRs a year. If they are sifted this much. Bunt that ball and get on base. Eventually they will adjust the shift on the batter. I only helps the batter in every way possible. More people on base equals more possible runs scored. I love a good bunt for a base hit,
  2. Wonder if we can trade Sano to Washington straight up for Josh Bell. Maybe we throw in Thorpe in to make it a done deal. I will be so happy when Sano is gone for someone that is consistent.
  3. Gordon will be the starting SS this year, for a month-month and half, then it will be Lewis time for the foreseeable future at SS. This guy is good and he will hold SS for a while. I am so excited for him to finally play here in Minnesota.
  4. I am willing to bet it will be Gordon at SS at the start of the year. Unless we pull a trade off for a cheap decent SS.
  5. Batter cannot completely leave the box unless the ball is replaced. Or simply put a 15sec pitch clock that starts once the pitcher gets the ball back in his glove. 25 seconds if the ball was replaced so they can re apply resin. Batters and pitchers must follow. If it is the pitchers fault that the time passed a ball is added. If it is the batters fault it is a strike. I hate watching every single pitch the batter steps out to revelcro everything, spit 4 times, adjust the cup, kick the dirt 3 times and step one foot in adjust the helmet spit 3 more times then fully come in. That takes a good 30-40 seconds i cant stand it.
  6. With the news on ESPN http://espn.go.com/los-angeles/mlb/story/_/id/7935993/los-angeles-angels-fire-hitting-coach-mickey-hatcher about the firing of there hitting couch for the angels. I wonder if TR will follow with the firing of Anderson and Vavra. Anderson just destroys any confident the starters have and tries to change them way to much. Every single pitcher just looks terrible after there first year. I just really want him gone before he destroys Diamond and Walters. Also with the 2nd year in a row of making our hitters look like idiots at the plate i would hope Vavra goes at the same time. So our players can play like they did before they got to the majors. Everyone looks great until those two idiots get a hold of our players it seems. I am ranting a bit but i am just super frusterated right now. So TL DR with the angels firing there hitting coach do you think TR will follow and get rid of Anderson and Vavra? Maybe it will scare Gardy a bit to start thinking more clearly.
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