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  1. Baldelli has lost this team. You have to pull up your big boy pants at sometime and make people accountable for lackadaisical errors. You arent a friend, you are a manager. That's what you are paid to be. Be a man.
  2. 1/3 of his injuries are bad luck 1/3 of his injuries are dumb choices 1/3 of his injuries are from a skinny, injury prone body
  3. The Ghost of George Steinbrenner haunts MLB. Steinbrenner convinced the world that it needed the Yankees in the playoffs every year to have the playoffs interesting. The idea is broken. The NFL has proven that. When there is equal revenue sharing and a mandated payroll amount, teams can be relevant after a down year. Its not left up to how much an owner "WANTS" to pay. It allows all the small market teams to compete. When you are buying retreads that are at the end of their career, you get ups and downs. Its the end of their career. When you are buying the best players like the top teams are doing year and year, you dont have the ups and downs. These players are in the Prime of their career. Of course their are examples outside of this thought. But year over year, having teams spend up to three times as much as other teams is a horrible business plan. Its not working. The system is broken and no-one is talking about fixing it. George Steinbrenner is laughing at all of baseball from his grave.
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