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  1. One thing is for sure...the Twins will attempt to heal Mahle with rehab, only to have him go under the knife for surgery in January.
  2. If there is anything that needs a house cleaning in this organization, it is the medical staff. What a gong show.
  3. How about someone from the Astros? I mean, they seemingly pour out quality in-house arms every damn year. I would think their track record, whoever(s) it may be, is worth writing a blank check to.
  4. The Twins are essentially being managed by a computer & analytic system...Rocco is just the face of such.
  5. With the current FO (Falvey & Lavine), no chance Rocco is let go. They are a package deal - so either the Pohlads step in and clean house, or the same regime will be back (unless they decide to go elsewhere on their own). The whole coaching staff needs a revamp - from the hitting/pitching coaches to the guys running the bases. There's a reason why Jayce Tingler got fired by SD...what made the Twins think he was capable of being a competent bench coach?
  6. You're kidding if you think this roster, if healthy, was built to win it all. From opening day, this team had little-to-no quality SP depth, and the bullpen was an absolute cluster f.
  7. Winning a division where the winner of it may not even finish above .500. Yes, this is relative to your argument supporting the FO by saying they built a team capable of winning the division.
  8. "Fine" has gotten them zero postseason victories. If you are okay with the "fine" that they have done, kudos to you.
  9. This article is laughable - and a main reason why people can't take the Twins media seriously.
  10. The fact that this is still an issue, years later, is a failure by the Twins organization.
  11. Not seeing it with CES. He's not a prospect that you don't have a handful more of.
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