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  1. Right - but at Hill's age and his history of injury, you have to wonder how much he thinks he has left in the proverbial tank.
  2. The starting pitching should also be a question - the clock is ticking on Berrios's time here, Maeda isn't exactly young, Odo is what he is and his durability is a huge issue, and the rest of the rotation was filled with guys like Hill, Bailey, and Pineda; not exactly world beaters. Who is next in the pipeline that is a legitimate option to be in the rotation in 2021? Balazovic? Duran? Come on. And we know the Twins won't go out and spend actual money on SP via FA unless it is a deal like Hill, Bailey, etc.
  3. You also need to evaluate how Rocco is doing things. He coddles these guys, and acts like they're children. He believes in rest, load management, whatever he wants to call it...yet somehow, these guys are dinged up more often than not, even after a 60 game season. Obviously the whole rest thing isn't exactly paying dividends for keeping these guys more healthy than not. This team absolutely flopped - just a disappointing and sad display of baseball over the last two days. Can you imagine if there were actually paying fans in the stands the last two days to watch that shameless display of baseball??
  4. I honestly hope that is the last game we see Polanco & Rosario in as Minnesota Twins.
  5. Smart, brilliant. Getting picked off in a late/close situation with one of your biggest power threats at the plate.
  6. If Buxton is still lingering with concussion symptoms, there is no chance they send him.
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