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  • STONKS! The 3 Minnesota Twins Player Stocks You Need to Invest In Right Now

    Matthew Taylor

    You may have missed out on investing in GameStop or AMC over the past week, but there are three Minnesota Twins players worth investing in right now, while their values are at their lowest.

    Image courtesy of © Jordan Johnson-USA TODAY Sports -- Illustration by Adriana Taylor

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    Over the past week the stock market has dominated the national conversation and terms like “hedge fund” and “short squeeze” have entered the mainstream vocabulary. While many of the skyrocketing stocks on the market have already reached their peaks, there are three Minnesota Twins players worth investing in right now. These players' values are at their lowest, but figure to be in for big years in 2021. Buy now and ride these players to the moon!

    Randy Dobnak

    Randy Dobnak had an excellent start to the 2020 season, posting a 1.78 ERA through his first six starts and looking like a real piece in the Minnesota Twins rotation. The wheels started to fall off for Dobnak, though, as he posted an ERA of 8.27 over his next four starts and was eventually removed from the Minnesota Twins rotation.

    Though 2020 ended on a sour note for the right hander, his arrow is pointing up for the 2021 season as a result of the offseason changes made by the Minnesota Twins and the all-world infield defense that the Twins front office has assembled. Randy Dobnak is an extreme ground ball pitcher and excels the most with a great infield behind him. The Minnesota Twins improved their infield defense in a big way this offseason with the addition of Andrelton Simmons and shifting Jorge Polanco over to second base. Those changes combined with a (hopefully) healthy season from Josh Donaldson and Miguel Sanó could bode extremely well for the 26 year old heading into his third season as a big leaguer.

    It remains to be seen whether or not the Minnesota Twins will acquire another starting pitcher this offseason, but as things currently stand Randy Dobnak will begin the season as Minnesota’s #5 starter, and he’s one you should invest in now.


    Taylor Rogers

    The Minnesota left hander is coming off of the worst Major League season of his career in 2020. Rogers posted a career-high ERA of 4.05 with a 1.50 WHIP and opponent batting average of .302. Rogers repeatedly failed to come through in big moments for the Minnesota Twins and some thought he could be a non-tender candidate this offseason as a result. Rogers ultimately came to a deal with Minnesota this offseason for $6M.

    After such a poor season in 2020, why should Twins fans invest in him for the 2021 season?

    Although Rogers’ statistics last season were poor, his underlying numbers point to him being unlucky rather than bad last season. Although his ERA was a career-high 4.05, Taylor’s FIP (fielding independent pitching) was actually better in 2020 than it was in 2019. Further, Rogers posted a BABIP of .400, the sixth-highest mark of all MLB pitchers with at least 20 IP in 2020, indicating that he was extremely unlucky all season and balls were just finding holes in the field time and time again.

    After a season of bad luck in 2020, regression figures to flip back in a positive direction for the southpaw in 2021, especially with a season 2.7x longer than the shortened season last year.


    Josh Donaldson

    The 2020 season was nothing short of a lost year for the Bringer of Rain, who was only able to play in 28 games for the Minnesota Twins and was held out of both postseason games due to an injury to his calf. Because of the lost season for Donaldson, it’s easy for Twins fans to forget just how key of an addition he is to this club at the plate, and just how impactful he can be at the hot corner.

    The former MVP has posted an OPS of .900 or higher in each of his four healthy seasons since 2015, and even in his disastrous 2020, still posted an excellent OPS of .842.

    Though health is never a guarantee in the game of baseball, the load that Donaldson will need to shoulder in 2021 figures to have been reduced with the increased infield flexibility that came with the Andrelton Simmons signing. Now with Luis Arráez at the super utility position, the Twins can give Josh Donaldson routine days off without needing to suffer in the lineup. This figures to reduce the load on Donaldson’s calves, and keep him healthy for what should be a massive bounce-back season in 2021.


    Which Minnesota Twins player stocks are you investing in prior to the 2021 season? Leave a comment below and start the conversation!


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    Interesting that you had three BUY, BUY, BUY's and no SELL, SELL, SELL.


    I think Rogers problems were somewhat related to the COVID crisis. As the Twins Player Rep, he was dealing with behind the scenes negotiations much of the summer. Expect that took some of his focus off his game and could have been the reason he wasn't sitting some of those guys down who eventually worked the count for a hit or walk.


    I keep wondering if someone has the data for Dobnak beginning in I believe the 4th inning of that game at St. Louis. I recall two regular ground balls hit against the shift in an inning that seemed to never end. After that his ball was moving more than I recall and way out of the zone. Don't know if he was over throwing to get out of that jam, but something was different. Beginning with that game, his control just wasn't the same. Of the three mentioned, I believe he should be the #1 BUY because he can be very effective.


    Donaldson just needs to stay healthy. So I would BUY all three and SELL Gamestop. 

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    I am on Dobnak with the addition of Simmons.  I am not high on Rodgers.  I know his numbers appear that it was in part luck base, but at some point those hits he gave up you need to put on him as well.  At some point he needs to get the outs.  I mean all his BABIP was not just weak grounders that found holes.  For Josh, if he can stay on the field I am high on him, but that is a big if. 

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