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  1. I’d add “in his Twins prime” Mike Marshall to this relief staff in a heartbeat. He received Cy Young votes in his first two years here. Ron Davis is another matter (he had a nice year as a set up guy for the Yankees before coming here).
  2. The Twins may see lower attendance AFTER the restrictions are lifted. If they keep playing like this we will need “social distancing” from them more than any time during the crappy pandemic.
  3. After seeing “Windy”, much less than a Seven Nation Army could “hold me back” from “goin’ to Wichita.” Maybe we could start by going back to team names which end in “s” or at least “x”.
  4. Notice that the 25 win before 25 losses post here was a “prediction” and not a “bet”.
  5. Minneapolis placed used pianos throughout the City in 2016. Prior to a Twins Game that year, I improvised the Total System Failure Blues. Some fans joined in (4-5 maximum). The rest tried to divert their attention from this musical negativity. If the Twins continue down this path in 2021, I will try to do a 2.0 version.
  6. This can happen anywhere although Philadelphia, Boston and New York seem more likely places than Seattle, Denver and Minnesota. Somewhere someone will bring back the equivalent of Disco Demolition Night - only it would be Autotune Demolition Night for today’s ubiquitous annoying musical device.
  7. Add Nick Gordon to the bad dyed hair (or lack thereof) competition.
  8. I think J.A. Happ’s numbers might have improved a bit. Happ-ened last night
  9. My Nominees: 1. Josh Donaldson 2. Williams Astudillo 3. Jake Cave And the winner is: Jake Cave. Time for Jake to get the Just for Men for that beard. Just my opinion.
  10. If I was going to see any of these teams, I’d go to Wichita. A seven nation army couldn’t hold me back. I hope their uniforms have white stripes. I have a Chattanooga Lookouts TShirt for sale
  11. If the pitchers are trying to make him chase, Sano just needs to accept the walks. The hits snd homers will follow.
  12. The RISP problem will correct itself. For example, Miguel Sano looks like a problem until you look at his big increase in taking walks. The pitchers are expecting him to chase balls out of the strike zone but Sano has become a smarter hitter. The hits and RBIs will come if he sticks with this more disciplined approach.
  13. Thanks for the new info. This is a serious communicable disease. The vaccines have been shown to prevent it. THEN - It’s pretty darn hard to transmit what you ain’t got.
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