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  1. I’d add “in his Twins prime” Mike Marshall to this relief staff in a heartbeat. He received Cy Young votes in his first two years here. Ron Davis is another matter (he had a nice year as a set up guy for the Yankees before coming here).
  2. The Twins may see lower attendance AFTER the restrictions are lifted. If they keep playing like this we will need “social distancing” from them more than any time during the crappy pandemic.
  3. After seeing “Windy”, much less than a Seven Nation Army could “hold me back” from “goin’ to Wichita.” Maybe we could start by going back to team names which end in “s” or at least “x”.
  4. Notice that the 25 win before 25 losses post here was a “prediction” and not a “bet”.
  5. Minneapolis placed used pianos throughout the City in 2016. Prior to a Twins Game that year, I improvised the Total System Failure Blues. Some fans joined in (4-5 maximum). The rest tried to divert their attention from this musical negativity. If the Twins continue down this path in 2021, I will try to do a 2.0 version.
  6. This can happen anywhere although Philadelphia, Boston and New York seem more likely places than Seattle, Denver and Minnesota. Somewhere someone will bring back the equivalent of Disco Demolition Night - only it would be Autotune Demolition Night for today’s ubiquitous annoying musical device.
  7. Add Nick Gordon to the bad dyed hair (or lack thereof) competition.
  8. I think J.A. Happ’s numbers might have improved a bit. Happ-ened last night
  9. My Nominees: 1. Josh Donaldson 2. Williams Astudillo 3. Jake Cave And the winner is: Jake Cave. Time for Jake to get the Just for Men for that beard. Just my opinion.
  10. If I was going to see any of these teams, I’d go to Wichita. A seven nation army couldn’t hold me back. I hope their uniforms have white stripes. I have a Chattanooga Lookouts TShirt for sale
  11. If the pitchers are trying to make him chase, Sano just needs to accept the walks. The hits snd homers will follow.
  12. The RISP problem will correct itself. For example, Miguel Sano looks like a problem until you look at his big increase in taking walks. The pitchers are expecting him to chase balls out of the strike zone but Sano has become a smarter hitter. The hits and RBIs will come if he sticks with this more disciplined approach.
  13. Thanks for the new info. This is a serious communicable disease. The vaccines have been shown to prevent it. THEN - It’s pretty darn hard to transmit what you ain’t got.
  14. So they say that it doesn’t appear that the new Covid cases have anything to do with Andrelton Simmons’ Covid case. Last time I checked, Covid is an airborne disease. If there is an infected person in that same locker room (with Mitch Garver and other staff), that infected person would be breathing the tiny viruses out into the air. Masks do not keep all those little viruses from escaping (you may notice your glasses outside your own mask fogging up with escaping breath). I guess the Twins don’t want Simmons feeling bad about saying he wouldn’t get the vaccine and then becoming infected. Still, it seems that this is a better “teachable moment” in epidemiology about the benefits to all about getting the vaccine, at a time when many seem to minimize its proven effectiveness in preventing contraction snd transmission of the virus. Twins players and staff should get whatever Covid vaccine is available unless a Doctor recommends against it. If a player refuses, and then misses games as a result after being infected, I’d like to see that person lose out on his salary during that time (but know that won’t happen!). End of rant!!!!
  15. Ben Rotvedt is getting closer. I’m not too worried about the Twins at catcher.
  16. The designated driver night should give free beer to three friends of the DD if the three friends buy the DD pop (never “soda”).
  17. Just as long as it isn’t bilateral leg weakness.
  18. I actually thought Maeda and Berrios would be the stoppers today. At least one of our top two would stop the bleeding, right? Boy, am I dumb.
  19. They had better start winning more games in order to justify that ranking.
  20. After last year’s riots, the Twins have to think about the safety of its players, staff and fans. Pretty lousy that they didn’t figure this out earlier to keep people from driving down
  21. I’m with on concern for Sano, and you can add Cave to that short list. Still, this line up is capable of being a”Powerhouse”. Polanco, Kepler, Donaldson, Garver and especially Buxton and Cruz are indeed a “Powerhouse”. Yes, injuries could sidetrack that. But I’m optimistic.
  22. I’d prefer more LaTroy and less Justin. It would be best to have AJ, but he has a national gig with FS1.
  23. Two poor music choices in Twins history - Iggy Pop: Lust for Life. For a while, the Twins used this for walk-up music for opposing players’ at-bats. That short instrumentals intro worked just fine. But one day, it was cued up for the entrance of a relief pitcher. The extra time led into Iggy’s raunchy lyrics. “”With a liquor and drugs, I’m a sex machine ..,”. Back at the old Metrodome, it was Teen Challenge Day. Two young people were introduced with the announcer summarizing their inspiring stories about overcoming chemical dependency issues. Then the AV staff cued up —- Love Is The Drug by Roxy Music. Before you start to think that the song is about “love” not drugs, I would say that subtlety was probably lost on most who listened to the lyrics. Nevertheless, the song has the singer going to “the singles bar” and carousing for love in a way that Teen Challenge would be unlikely to support. As far as player’s walk-up music, I’m just thankful I don’t have to repeatedly here Joe Mauer’s excruciatingly boring walk-up song anymore
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