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  1. After seeing the players who were taken in this years Rule 5 Draft by other teams, I'm pretty sure that the 3 Twins players added to the 40 man, Ober, Balazovic, and Rortvedt would have been taken. Some people were surprised with Rortvedt being added to the 40 man, but there were 7 catchers taken total in AAA, so there were teams looking for catching help. Ober and Balzovic would definitely been taken by some team. I'm very glad that all 3 of these players are very high on the Twin's list of top prospects.
  2. Rortvedt is an excellent catcher, with a great arm and his hitting in the minors is not terrible at all, especially for a kid who was drafted right out of high school. It's not like he's going to hit below the mendoza line or anything, plus he's a lefty. At least a future platoon catcher. He was moved up to AA faster than Jeffers and was hitting very well until the knee injury. He then played a month with the injury and his production at plate suffered. Rortvedt is less of a defensive 1st catcher than Jeffers is a stick 1st catcher. For sure Garver and Jeffers in 2021 and then maybe Jeffers and Rortvedt in 2022? Some team will grab him for sure if he's not protected. I think the comparisons to previous Rule 5 catchers are not that accurate. Can't have enough quality catchers in the system.
  3. I think Jeffers will no doubt stick next season at the big league level. The small sample of his hitting we saw this fall looks very promising, especially for a catcher. However, over the winter and during spring training he needs to work on his catching. Ryan's pitching framing he is ok (I know some say it's great but I'm not sure about that), but blocking and throwing out runners is another story. He's a big guy and his mobility behind the plate is limited, he is not great sliding right or left on errant pitches. Pitches that other catchers block and save end up wild pitches when Jeffers is in there. His pop time looks very slow and his arm is not strong. He almost throws the ball to second with the arch to the trajectory. He only threw out 2 of 16 runners (12.5%) at the MLB level, and his minor league numbers are similar. Teams will figure that out quickly and run on him. Both of these deficient areas can be fixed with time and work. Jeffers bat is more than solid for the position at the MLB level, now he just has to work on the fielding. His future looks bright.
  4. I really like Jeffers bat, so much so that in a couple of years that bat should be good enough to hit in the big leagues...maybe even sooner! However, after seeing him behind the plate a number of times over the last 2 years he has a ways to go to stick at catcher. Mobility, framing, blocking have to greatly improve and his arm strength and pop time seem below average at best. He has only thrown out 26% of the would be base stealers and that includes a game this season when he was credited with throwing 2 runners out but never made a throw either time. Pitcher threw to first, runner took off, 1-3-6 putout both times but it goes down as caught stealing stat for Jeffers, not a pick off. Never understood those type of things, and makes stats deceiving sometimes. Anyway I really like his bat but think he will eventually move to 1B and/or DH in the show, unless he improves greatly behind the plate.
  5. Rortvedt has only played 2 innings behind plate in game 1 but Ben threw out a guy who had 33 stolen bases during the regular season. He has a cannon of an arm, and is an excellent reciever. He's starting tonight.
  6. With all the talk about Royce, Alex, Travis, Trevor and others (Pitching!) on this great Wahoos lineup, and it is a great lineup! The future looks bright!! I think people tend to forget about Ben Rortvedt. He is quietly having a very nice solid season. 78 Games 273 AB, 16 2B, 1 3B, 7 HR, 29 RBI, BB/K 34-65, AVG .242, OBP.337, OPS .721. At A+/AA with most at AA. Defensively, he's hands down the best catcher currently in the system. Frames very well, blocks super and has a cannon for an arm. He has already thrown out 30 runners trying to steal (53%) and picked off a bunch at 1st base. The kid is a student of the game, and works very hard. Really think he'll have a legitimate shot to get into the show in the next few years, which will just add to a great Twins future lineup.
  7. When is Ramon Borrego going to let Ben Rortvedt actually catch? He's arguably the best catching prospect in the system but has only caught once in last 8-9 games. Being DH is almost like not being in the game, some players need to actually be in the game defensively to hit well. I think Ben is like that. He has thrown out 16 of 26, none of the other catcher's are even close to that. Plus he's a pitchers catcher; frames well, blocks well, calls pitches well...and keeps teams from thinking about stealing. Jeffers is more of a DH type then Rortvedt down the road.
  8. Ben Rortvedt was actually 0x2 with the game winning RBI SAC Fly in game 2 last night. Another big play in this 1-0 victory, was in the 3rd inning, when Ben picked off the runner at 1st base after a one out bunt single. That was huge, because right after the pick off the next batter hits a 2 out triple and is eventually stranded at 3rd without scoring. That was his 3rd pick off at 1st base this season already. Ben's defense has been great, and he has been very solid at the plate...lots of quality AB's.
  9. Oh...and add that Ben is 7/10 throwing guys out trying to steal, now a lot of teams are not even trying to steal when he is behind the plate. (2 of those 3 successful steals were on a double steal of 2nd and 3rd...I never liked that catchers get charged for 2 steals in 1 play), he has picked off 2 at 1st base (1 pick off was to preserve a 1-0 lead in the 9th at St Lucie) Ben has saved numerous wild pitches with his blocking ability. His only error, his mitt got clipped by a batter for interference. He is definitely a pitchers best friend, super mobile, athletic, frames pitches great and a student of the game.
  10. Alex and Ben did well in their first real taste of the big leagues...Rocco was impressed by both. Too bad Royce was hurt. It will be fun watching these 3 amigos work their way to Target field together. All 3 are a big part of the Twins future...along with many others in the minors that look good. Not only does the 2019 Twins look good, but the Future looks bright also.
  11. Ben Rortvedt actually hit 4 homeruns with the Miracle. 2 in one game at Bradenton. If you can hit at all in the FSL that's saying something, specially as a catcher in that heat and humidity. So far, in his young career, the team he is playing for makes the playoffs. Elizabethton (2016), Cedar Rapids (2017), and Ft. Myers (2018). I don't think that's a coincidence, he is a blue collar winner. Pitchers love him and he's a rock behind the plate. You hear his voice on the field, and in the dugout all the time, which usually means a great clubhouse guy. There are alot of things that go into being a successful player, not all of them are associated with an acronym. At age 21 Ben is progressing well. The front office must think so, because he is a Non-Roster Invitee to Spring Training this year, and that was a short list prospects this year. The Twins have a lot of great prospects all around the same age.
  12. One thing is for sure, Ben won't be out hustled or out worked by many. He's really putting in the time this off season in the gym! The kid really is 100% Baseball!
  13. Alex will be great in the outfielder or at first base down the road with the Twins...I think sooner than later...great kid, great baseball IQ and a sweet swing. However, I heard a rumor that his 2017 season may be done. The elbow injury may need TJ surgery.
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