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  • Lockout Lookup: Zack Granite

    RandBalls Stu

    There was a time, not too long ago, when people would say out loud that the Twins should part ways with Byron Buxton and let Zack Granite shine. This is his story. 

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    Subject: Zack Granite

    Why You Remember Him: There was a time, not so long ago, that people, maybe even people you know and love, MAYBE EVEN YOU, doubted Byron Buxton. In order to doubt Byron Buxton, an honest man, a righteous man, needs to suggest an alternative. That alternative was an innocent man named Zack Granite. He should not and does not carry the weight of your and/or your associate’s poor judgment and weak character. Zack Granite was born innocent. But the fact remains: It happened. We all saw it. And you and yours are ACCOUNTABLE.

    That said, prior to the weird crush Buxton doubters had on him, Granite was a highly-regarded prospect in the Twins organization. The Seton Hall product shared 2016 Minor Leaguer of the Year honors with Stephen Gonsalves. Remember Stephen Gonsalves? He’s in the Cubs system and pushing 30 now. Prospects get old too.

    Unable to displace Buxton, Granite was traded to the Rangers for Xavier Moore prior to the 2019 season.

    What You Don’t Remember: In 2009, Granite was the 17th-best NHL 09 player in the entire world. Twins PR can’t lie about these factoids so it must be true. While we’re on Twitter, the majority was correct on this John “Twins Gerk” Bonnes survey.

    What You Might Remember: He had a dog named Jeter. He’s from Staten Island, so that’s the kind of thing that happens and you just accept it even if it’s gross and wrong. He also missed first base trying to beat out an infield single against the Yankees in the 2017 playoffs.

    What’s He Up To: Granite retired in July of last year. Will this stop a certain kind of Twins fan wishing that he’d replace Buxton in center or catch on in Atlanta to replace that bum Rosario? No. It might encourage it, frankly.

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    In 2017 it looked like the Twins might have something in Granite.  He had an 867 OPS in AAA that year and got called up to the big leagues.  Unfortunately he never put up numbers close to that again. I guess once teams figure out a weakness and you cannot adjust then at some point you hang up the spikes.

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    We have all these coaches , Hitting coaches.  etcetera ...

    Can't someone consider to approach someone in the system that players need to make adjustments  ,,,,

    It's happened in the past , why does it seem like it just doesn't happen today ..

    Kepler is my example  ...

    Remember falvy quote ...

    We have replaced all positions with top quality personnel  ,,,


    Sorry I don't see it,  falvy 

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    Well, he is one of those guys you expect to be dazzling on the bases if he can get on base. Doesn't matter if he has power, but he can turn a walk or a single into an extra base when no one is looking.


    Unfortunately, more people are looking in the big leagues, and even if your BB/K ratio is betetr than most, you still need the occasional single to put you in a position to score.


    Is there a learning curve for any prospect? Sure there is. Gomez, Hicks, Buxton all started off slow. Celestino got some licks in, but at least he has shined at AAA so he isn't on the "let's move on" list -- yet.


    And, no matter how good a Granite may rock in the minors, you still get a bit more time if you are a bigtime bonus draftee. Granite was a fourth outfielder. You have to produce when called upon, or are replaced by the Grossmans or Caves of this world.



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