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Alfred Hitchcock/Star Wars Mash-Ups

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Hello everyone. If you remember me It's been a while since I have been around. The last handful of years I have been trying to revive old dreams as an original song writing musician in a band, but that is a hard thing to do. We were doing good for a bit, but as it goes, someone gets bitter and the project ends. The really good thing about that was I was unanimously tasked with creating posters for our gigs and it awoke something in me that was dormant for many years... art! Mainly mixed media and illustration. I know this is long winded so I want to wrap this up. This is my 3 part series of Alfred Hitchcock/Star Wars themed mash-ups.651236656_TDTCATESBMashup.jpg.98d40e0dad6a1a361c073a3d45b0a674.jpg981931616_TDShaft(Vertigo).jpg.c84c34f70b7b2f51cc0bfc230fd2ba4c.jpg2138945413_TDFinalRW.jpg.b3083e766dbc50969e5043d6a10d854a.jpg

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On 9/30/2021 at 5:00 PM, Craig Arko said:

Hitch lived until 1980. Wonder if he and Lucas ever met. Probably not, but that would have been an interesting time to be the fly on the wall.

Pretty sure Orson Wells met HG Wells...


That's gotta count for something.


Sorry i don't get to this area o' TD too often.  Always glad to see your creativity, @Bark's Lounge!

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