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Welcome to the 2021 edition of Twins' Baseball. Twins Daily plans to have a game thread during the regular season for every game (one thread only for a doubleheader). The focus of the game thread should be on that day's contest and it is expected that the content of the thread will be provided by regular TD Twins fans. 


Each thread will require an introduction and I have accepted the task of organizing the introductions. I will post a Google Doc for each month usually 1-2 weeks before the month is started, meaning that I'm already late for the April edition. I'm looking for volunteers to post all game introductions. I'll also be the person to contact if you're unable to provide an intro that you've signed up for. 


Introductions should be posted at least an hour before first pitch but it is preferred that they be posted after lineups have been announced. The content of an introduction should be related to the day's game, but doesn't have to be hard news or analysis of that tilt. One could discuss uniforms, favorite players, reminiscences, strategy and really anything in the wide range of topics that relate to baseball. 


We will apparently have a full season of games and at least some fans will be in the stands this year. That should provide opportunities for anyone interested in doing an introduction to try their luck. I hope for a mixture of experienced intro writers and newbies to provide this content. 


If interested, send me a message and I'll do my best to hook you up with preferred game dates. If you have any questions about game threads, the signup procedure or any other specifics, get in touch with me.


This thread will be pinned in the Minnesota Twins Talk forum and I'll post the Google Doc downthread as well as any adjustments, omissions or changes. It should be a fun season. I hope we can make Twins Daily Game Threads the place to be (on the web) for Twins games this season.

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Now just nine days until the opener in Milwaukee. I'm still looking for volunteers to do introductions, either those of you that have done them in the past or newbies. Tentatively, 15 of the 27 games in April are covered, so there's definitely room to get more people involved. 


Below is the schedule for games in April (subject to change). Thanks to those who have volunteered so far.



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If anyone needs guidance as to what a game thread is, check out the game thread archives:



If you need instructions on how to actually post a thread, stringer can help you out ... or any moderator ... so just send a PM.


We have a game thread for each day there is a game, and you can make it as clever, or witty, or humorous as you want. Or you can make it straight up, serious baseball. Mostly just get us started and the members will do the rest. There have been times when I've had to fill in last minute and the game thread intro consisted of the lineups and 'You know what to do, go!' So ... while some of you may want to stretch your writing skills, it is not a requirement. But if you have something to say and want to start it off, great. If not, hope you at least join us for in-game banter.


Sign up with stringer ... TODAY! :)

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I've completed a google doc for May game thread introductions. There are 28 scheduled game dates out of the 31 days in the month. So far, 16 of the dates have been assigned. If anyone is interested in doing an introduction in the coming month, send a message to me and I'll include you on the schedule. 


Thanks to the current volunteers. I'm considering doubling their pay (sarcasm!). I hope other game threaders will try their hand at setting the tone for a game thread (or two or three).



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