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Hypothetical post-season

South Dakota Tom



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We have a rotation, today, of Santana, Gibson, Pelfrey, Milone, and Duffy. Let's say, theoretically, that we arrive at game 162 and need a game 163, or, better yet, a one-game playoff against the Yankees or Blue Jays (no other scenario seems very plausible right now, at least not one involving the Twins).


Santana could pitch a game 163, though I'm not certain I'd want him to unless he starts picking it up a notch or two. I'm assuming Phil Hughes will be ready by then, but not certain I want him pitching in Yankee Stadium or against Toronto with his fly-ball tendencies and the way those lineups are constructed.


What's your post-season rotation right now? The more I thought about it, looking at a rotation of Gibson, Milone, Duffy and Hughes, putting Pelfrey into the bullpen, still leaves me wanting. The person in my opinion that I'd most like to see starting a game 163 or Wild Card road game on the East Coast is sitting in AAA right now, and won't be on our playoff roster unless we bring him up before September (something that seems the club has not discussed publicly as being even a possibility).


I realize there are other lineup issues to resolve if October baseball is a possibility, and feel free to discuss them all. But specifically, who is your game 163 starter or Wild Card starter, and (assuming for fun we win that or those) your ALDS rotation?



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For a game 163, I would want Gibson, mostly a ground ball pitcher again HR hitters, on both teams and in case of Yankee Stadium HR haven.............secondly lefty Milone, he is very wily and i dont think gets rattled...........If we made the playoffs, Hughes, Milone, Gibson, and if we had to go with a 4th starter, Pelfrey now, but could change my mind if Duffey, keeps the good starts going and looks like he is not gunshy for the playoff games against a Blue Jay or Yankee team.

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I think you are absolutely right, Charlie Brown. Berrios. Why not? All the current starters give me a queasy feeling in any potential wild card game scenario. Trevor May must also pitch in that game at some point.


Another idea would be to start Duffey but if his curve isn't getting swings and misses, pull him out, hopefully while the score is still low. Then bring in Trevor May for several innings if necessary, a la Bumgarner Game 7.

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Pelfrey is an interesting option. You could pitch Pelfrey and hope he is on his game. If not, yank him immediately. Molitor has not been afraid to do that with him. Tim Hudson got the hook in the second inning of Game 7 last fall. Outside the box thinking :)

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Not exactly true.  If you're referring to the Wild Card play in game then yes that statement is true.  But if you're referring to an actual Game 163 to determine who advances to the Wild Card game, that game is actually considered a regular season game, counts in the regular season standings, as do the player statistics, and as such Santana would be eligible to participate.  And while he may not be meeting expectations at this point, our ability to reach a Game 163 might just hinge on his pitching at a higher level from here on out and if that happens I'd not have any reservations about pitching him in that game and using up whatever he may have left in the tank since it would be his last start of the season and / or post-season.

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