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  1. You are correct. It was a strange jump. Maybe they got some new statcast data or updated their algorithm? I mean, he had a good game, but not THAT good.
  2. Don't look now but Byron Buxton is 15th among all MLB position players in fWAR (1.8) with about 40 fewer PA than most of those ahead of him. On pace to be a 6+ WAR player.
  3. Corbin is unlikely to ever hit for much power but he has high end hit + end speed/field + lots of athleticism. I'd be very happy with him at 13, but doubt he'll fall to that point. Also would love for Zack Thompson to fall to 13. Fangraphs scouts him as having THREE 60 grade pitches (fastball, curveball and change). That's pretty rare for a college player, even if his command/control may need further tuning. Also would be happy with Matthew Allen (best HS pitcher) or Brett Baty if they think he is likely to stick at 3B.
  4. Ummm, no? I mean, not even in the discussion. I know it has only been a month, but you can't hit like that and be the top prospect, especially with only one full year of good results in the books.
  5. Anyone know what is going on with Royce Lewis? Could he be injured or hiding an injury? His OBP is still good, but he has zero power and a very low BABIP. Seems like nobody in Fort Myers is hitting for much power. Very surprising and disappointing as I always thought it was considered a hitters league.
  6. Seems like Twins' minor league pitching has been exceptionally good and the hitting pretty bad. Kind of surprising. Does anyone know when Kirilloff is expected back from the injured list?
  7. Some sort of injury. Was considered mild I think. But haven't heard anything about when he'll return.
  8. Except there are a lot of places for them to improve from breakouts among the position platers (Buxton, Kepler, Sano, Polanco, Schoop bounce back, Garver, Astudillo, even Rosario (if he sustains his first half of last year for the whole season)). The place where they could have improved by spending/trade is at starting and relief pitcher, where although they may be at the median overall, for individual pitching positions they could have improved a lot by signing a free agent.
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