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  1. Send him some Twinkies. That offseason weight loss has him all messed up.
  2. Reported on the news was that there was a series of rouge high winds in downtown Minneapolis on Wednesday. It identified the heaviest activity as being at Target Field. Further investigation attributed the source as being from the hopeless, flailing swings of the batters of the Minnesota Twins who totally embarrassed themselves while facing Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers by striking out a total of 13 times and going hit less against him. So worn out from all those missed swings were the Twins batters, Wednesday afternoon, that the final eight Twins batsmen could only manage a hit and a walk when facing the two Dodgers pitchers who succeeded Kershaw. Later in the sports portion of the news it announced that both the recently recalled Dereck Rodriguez and Griffin Jax suffered neck injuries in the game when pitching in relief of starter Chris Paddack. The injuries are attributed to the rapid spin around motion that each employed necessitating from trying to follow the path of the four gopher balls they threw (in total) to the Los Angeles Dodgers batters. The injury to Mr Rodriguez is especially concerning as the strain on his neck was excessive. He was able to throw gopher balls to three Dodger batters in a row, while only throwing a total of four pitches. Dereck Rodriguez, lest you forget, was just called up replace Jharel Cotton who was jettisoned from both the 28 man roster and the 40 man roster by having been designated for assignment by the Twins following just two appearances thus far in the young 2022 season. Over the course of two innings pitched over the course of those two appearances, Mr Cotton was able to walk four batters and throw a wild pitch. Surprisingly, despite his wildness, Mr Cotton was barely able to exceed 90 mph on his four seam fastball during those appearances. Remember that the same front office brain trust who picked Cotton, babied and protected hi during spring training, had him go north with the club while making the 28 man roster - so the team wouldn't run the risk of losing him via DFA, are the exact same brain wizards who engineered the recent trades which have not REALLY improved the team for 2022, but have instead positioned the team for an influx of minor league (and CHEAPER - for all of you that are REALLY aware of what is important to the Pohlad family) talent for the 2023 season. Not to be outdone by the front office, Twins Manager, Rocco Baldelli saw fit to leave in a reliever (Rodriguez) who had successfully navigated one pass through the Dodgers lineup after only recently catching the bus over to Minneapolis from St Paul (to replace the DFA'd Cotton). Rodriguez, whose career long downfall has been his ability to serve up gopher balls regressed to form in his fourth inning of work by serving up gopher balls to three successive hitters and only needing 4 pitches to do so. Baldelli left him in to ensure that the game was truly out of reach for the Twins.
  3. The El Cheapo, Pohlad run Twins COULD have had Correa EVEN if they had kept Donaldson. They wouldn't have had to trade away Garver for a shortstop and then turnaround and take the Yankee CASTOFFS of Urshela & Sanchez to get out from under Donaldson's contract. Let's not forget that the same front office Brain Wizards that SIGNED Donaldson were the same people that were so DESPERATE to unload him (and his contract) after just 2 years. CHEAP is as CHEAP does.
  4. Rosters S/B temporally at 30, not 28. Then at 28 for the rest of the year, not 26. Just too many injuries and minor "tweaks" during the season that result in players being on the field when thay should be in the Training Room receiving treatment. That is not in the best interest of the player, nor in the best interest of the team. Expanded rosters - with a maximum content of pitchers - could indiscriminate use of the Injured List and the Ping-Pong bouncing of players between the minor leagues and the major leagues. Further - the "40 Man Roster" is well past its prime. It's high time that limit was increased to at least 45. Especially and particularly for the teams that are not in a financial position to indiscriminately sign high ticket free agents and instead rely on the draft and the development of organizational player depth through the signing of international free agents in addition to the attempted reclamation of players discarded by other organizations.
  5. Boras delivered Correa to the Twins on a silver platter. The Twins DIDN'T go and get Correa. Although it's a 3 year contract, it is in reality a one and done. Also, if the Twins bomb out of the gate, or Martin/Lewis excels at AAA, or if a MLB Starting Shortstop gets injured, don't be surprised if Correa is packing his bags in 2022.
  6. This signing just doesn't seem like a realistic move. I certainly hope that multiple Twins personnel actually saw Archer pitch BEFORE the contract was offered. Considering recent performance and the TOS, the 3.5 MM guaranty seems like a MASSIVE overpay.. REALLY, 2.75 MM this year and a 10 MM option for 2023 ??? Seems like CRAZY terms to me - greatly benefiting Mr Archer as opposed to the Twins. Should have been more oriented towards incentives and that 2023 option price is totally unrealistic. Archer must have one hell of an agent. I'd say this was another (like Correa) one and done, but I seriously doubt that Archer will make it through the "ONE".
  7. Sidewinders are one trick ponies. RHP no good against LHB because they have additional time and angle to watch.. They mystify initially due to their unique delivery BUT the more they are faced, the less effective they become. If he actually makes the MLB roster out of camp, he'll be gone by Memorial Day. Otherwise check him out at either St Paul or the next team that employs him.
  8. The trade from which the Twins received Sanchez and Urshela was not about either player. This trade was all about dumping Donaldson.. We had to take those two for the Yankees to agree to take Donaldson AND the twins throwing in Kiner-Falefa and Rortvedt (neither of whom the Twins WANTED to trade) were also REQUIRED to be included from the Twins side. This trade was only about getting out from under the two remaining years of Donaldson's contract. And who were the brain wizards that that made THIS trade? The same two-some that signed Donaldson in the first place, Jimmy Pohlad is a happy camper knowing that he is out from under the $50 MM owed to him for 2022, 2023, and the 2024 buyout ANY team even remotely interested in either Sanchez (7 M final yr arbitration) or Urshela (6.5 M final yr arbitration) will be greeted by a receptive front office and owner. Unless either is dumped before or during the season, they will be allowed to become free agents and will not be with the 2023 Twins. (Unless Sano is dumped either before or during the season, he will be allowed to become a free agent and will not be with the 2023 Twins).
  9. As stated previously on other discussion threads, the KEY to ANY deal with the A's is to help them with their stated goal of REDUCING PAYROLL. Not only does that approach give the Twins: (1) an advantage over other teams, (2) the ability to secure Montas as opposed to either Bassitt or Maneaa, (3) the opportunity to MINIMIZE the player cost going back to the A's, and (4) the opportunity to fill more holes on their own team than just starting pitching. By agreeing to take back SS Elvis Andrus and OF Stephen Piscotty in addition to Montas, the Twins would be saving the A's $20 MM in 2022. This would be a good starting point for negotiations. This kind of contract manipulation happens in pro sports all the time. Question is can Flavey & Levine do enough of a sales job on Jimmy Pohlad to get him to open up his money purse and risk the escape of the moths that reside there?
  10. The Dylan Bundy signing is just a stepping stone to more signings. Dylan Bundy gets them AL BUNDY who gets them the inside track on SVEN HUNKSTROM. If there is money remaining, BOB ROONEY is a definite possibility.
  11. If he is not traded, his role with the 2022 team is: DH & Platoon !B with Kirilloff. Kirilloff will man 1B against RHP, serve as a defensive replacement when Sano starts and may see some time in LF, if needed.
  12. Twins want Montas because of the 2023 control. That is why the sweetener of taking Andrus and Piscotty is offered. Andrus has a complicated contract. He costs 14M with the Rangers picking up 7.25 of that. The 2023 team option for 15M becomes a player option if Andrus gets 550 PA in 2022 or 1100 PA in 2021 & 2022. BUT if the plan is to just bide time with Andrus for 2022 at a net cost of 6.75M UNTIL Lewis/Martin/Miranda is ready and then release him prior to reaching the PA threshold of converting the team option into a player option, then the Twins would be off the hook and free of any financial obligation to Andrus for 2023. Piscotty will cost 7.25M for 2022 PLUS a 1M buyout of his 15M option for 2023. So initially, the A's save salaries of Montas, Andrus and Piscotty = 5M+6.75M+8..25M a cool 20M in payroll savings for 2022. A's would prefer to off load Maneaa or Bassitt as they are free agents after 2022 and will command 10M and 9M via arbitration. If it is a make or break condition, Twins could always agree to take one of the two ( Bassitt, if he liked it here may just be open to sign an extension, while Maneaa is a Boras client and would not). Another possible sweetener would be to take on Ramon Laureano who is projected to cost the A's 2+M via arbitration in 2022 and is coming off a 2021 PED suspension BUT would provide outfield depth at all 3 positions. The door is always open for discussion & negociation.
  13. It will cost more for Story than what you forecast. Pohlad will not authorize that kind of expenditure unless Donaldson is unloaded without having to eat some dollars. The season will open with one or all of Beckham, Robinson ,Gordon at SS until one of Lewis, Martin or Miranda is ready.
  14. The ONLY winning a Pohlad owned business is concerned with is at the cash register. In Baseball, winning the World Series is just WAY too expensive. Better to nibble around the edge of success with a restrained payroll and keep the turnstyles moving, the concessions selling, and the merchandise moving. Just the most recent in a string of businesses that the Pohlad family reaped profits off of while "serving" their community with: bus service, banking, and beverages. The family has now moved into: commercial real estate, development financing, senior housing, movie making,, automation and the vehicle business. All their endevors have one, single common thread = make a buck off the public. Carl taught his kids well. I can't help but recall the business advice once given to Barney Rubble by none other than Fred Flintstone. "Barney, you're in the business army now; your only friend's a buck and the more bucks you've got, the more friends you've got." AND the Pohlad Family has MANY, MANY of those kind of FRIENDS !!
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