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  1. Keep Polanco at 2B to keep him healthy and be able to use his bat in the lineup. Look to trade Sano - use Kirilloff at 1B Look to trade Donaldson - possible platoon at first with Kirilloff with Arraez manning 3B on those days Sign Goodrum as a multi-positional capable player and tell him he has a shot at starting SS Use Gordon as either starting SS, back-up SS. occasional CF when Buxton is rested or is on the DL Throw out the "Mr Cheap Pohlad" mentality and spend some money. AGAIN I ASK. What would it take from the Twins to acquire: Andrus, Piscotty, & Montas? A's want to save $$ and by taking on Andrus & Piscotty the Twins soften the bite that Oakland would need for the Twins to get Montas. Meanwhile, the Twins buy some time by filling their short-term needs for a SS as well as either a starting OF or a platoon partner for Kepler, while giving the Twins some additional time for Martin, Miranda, Larnach, Rooker, Kirilloff to further develop WITHOUT having to be RUSHED to MLB too Soon. It also opens the discussion door with Oakland so that AFTER they trade Chapman & Olson, the Twins can discuss Sano and/or a subsidized Donaldson to them for taking Bassitt, Manaea or even Puk off their hands. Seems to make better sense than giving any serious consideration to moving Polanco back to SS.
  2. I would let the Padres choke on Hosmer's contract. For the right pitcher from the Padres, and to hold down what we would have to give, I might be willing to take on the final year of Wil Myers. Otherwise, I focus on dealing with Oakland. They are in a serious salary dump situation. That can be leveraged at the trading table to acquire one or more of their pitchers (Manaea, Bassitt, Montas) with the return cost held down by taking on player salary off Oakland's hands. Why not start the discussion with Oakland sending over: Montas, Andrus and Piscotty? If Andrus will agree to a trade WITHOUT the Twins exercising his 2023 option, just release him in 2022 BEFORE he collects 550 plate appearances and replace him with Lewis or Gordon to finish out the year. Also think about asking for A J Puk (home town boy & LHP) coming from Oakland.....
  3. Here's the deal: Twins need a short term shortstop. Based on last year, if Kirilloff is penciled in at 1B - at least against RHP, the Twins are in need of a right hand hitting OF. And we all know they need pitching, particularly starters. Meanwhile, Oakland is on an economy kick, so much so that they allowed their manager to move on rather than pay him $4 Million. Oakland has 3 pitchers they would like to move for cheaper talent as well as both a RH hitting OF and a bridge SS who are both signed to contracts that the A's want to get out from under. So, what would it take to acquire from Oakland a package of: Montas, Andrus, Piscotty, an additional SP and a bit of cash to ease the contracts being acquired?
  4. Steve71: EXACTLY the problem with the Twins Organization in general. And specifically with: their ownership, their PBO, their General Manager, their Minor League system, their coaching, , their scouting and their drafting.
  5. It would seem that the Twins have poorly positioned themselves for an everyday replacement for the departed Eddie Rosario.. They need to "clear the decks" of players in the pipeline that do not profile as holding down a permanent corner outfield position. They also need to clearly define and execute a long range positional plan for Alex Kirilloff. 1B? OF? The team is in a (contractual) good long term place with Max Kepler. Fact is, it is easier to "bury" a less than stellar defensive corner outfielder in RF than in LF. Having a LHSP or two, also takes some of the defensive pressure off of whomever is patrolling RF. Why is it that the Twins continue to play Kepler in RF? I thought I read somewhere that Kepler prefers to play LF? If Kepler played LF, his glove hand would be at the LF line. What direction is Buxton better at moving towards in terms of reading fly balls and breaking off the bat? Although I can understand the reluctance of the Twins to dive into the NPB posting pool after their regrettable prior experience, a foray into the Seiya Suzuki posting pool would seem to be a no-brainer. The Twins already have a fellow countryman on their roster who could provide support to Suzuki and make the transition to MLB that much smoother and perhaps provide and edge in negotiations. Such an addition would provide a contractually stable, long term Outfield alignment of: Kepler - Buxton - Suzuki!!
  6. It's not Rocket Science. He was seeing less FB and more CU & CB so he either slowed his swing or delayed it's start so the FB he did see, he was late for and missed. Gaining recognition of CU & CB may improve with time and coaching.
  7. By the way, what was the FO of the starting pitching poor Twins doing when Al Leiter Jr signed with the Cubs?? His work in Triple-A was particularly sharp, as he totaled 89 innings of 3.34 ERA ball with an outstanding 30.5% strikeout rate, a strong 6.6% walk rate and an above-average 46.9% ground-ball rate through 17 appearances (15 starts). Those numbers fall in line with Leiter’s prior success in Triple-A, where he now has a career 3.60 ERA, 29.1% strikeout rate and 6.9% walk rate in 147 1/3 innings. (From MLB Trade Rumors)
  8. So what is he Whiffing on? Can it be fixed with the right hitting instruction? Curveballs? Sliders,? Change-ups? Fishing after low & outside? Can't lay off High Heat? Unless you have Larnach penciled in in LF, or Kirilloff; who are you trotting out there ? At the very least he's a warm body for AAA.
  9. Interesting to me as well. Unfortunately the ill-fated Japanese SS contract from a while back may be a deterrent to any such future free agents. Didn't Kepler once say he PREFERRED playing LF? Also that position would have his GLOVE HAND towards the LF line. If we kept him in LF and got him out of RF and didn't bounce him to CF so that he was more comfortable in his fielding, perhaps his offense would then start to come around?
  10. Trade with the Giants for LaMonte Wade and Jaylen Davis !! Those are the kind of OF the Twins need to develop!!
  11. What about the Brewers as a possible destination? The Twins have long neglected involving more than a single team in trades. They also need to be proactive in identifying WHO THEY WANT TO ACQUIRE and then going about finding a way to make that happen as opposed to just sitting back and waiting to see who offers what for what they have got.
  12. The appeal of the Twins is: they are always screaming POVERTY, the team seems to lack a PLAN, "fan" interest is waning AND you get to pitch OUTDOORS in MINNESOTA in April, May, September & October !! (sarcasm intended)
  13. Unbeknownst to most Twins' fans, Josh Donaldson has hired a Veterinarian this current off-season. The Veterinarian is working with Donaldson's CALVES !!
  14. WOW !! The comments and ideas are REALLY ROLLING in. Guess all the REAL Twins fans have replied.....
  15. BEFORE any consideration is given to taking back a bad contract to enable the Twins to add attractive pieces, the trading away of Josh Donaldson and his contract needs to take place. Arraez needs to be retained to play 3B until the next wave of talent arrives so that a MLB ready 3B is not needed in return. So, the question remains, which team(s) would be interested in Donaldson if the price is right?
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