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  1. For those of you who didn’t see the game and rely on these recaps ... Buxton also robbed a guy of a home run last night. He’s good.
  2. The left side of our infield is gonna be fire. We have 4 really good players for 3 positions. To quote a super famous eloquent dude ... This, I like...
  3. I mean. It’s a way too early. They do this the day after the season. So anyone complaining seems silly. Agree with the take, generally. The twins had the most prolific Hr offense ever two years ago and added Donaldson. No guaranteeing the Sox success from last year is guaranteed. I like our squad and like what I’m hearing about being big players.
  4. What I find most intriguing about this (and other proposals being bandied about by other major leagues) is how much experimenting leagues might be doing. It just seems ... fun. Why not try 7 inning double headers for awhile? Why not try electronic strike zone? If they are hits, maybe we get to keep 'em. If not, maybe we try something else. <3 this.
  5. Win at least two of the first four games of the ALCS. Prove we’re a championship contender, and hope we win 2 of the other 5 to get an invitation to the dance.
  6. I’m intrigued. I like the idea of having more games that matter. I like the idea of having multiple playoff-like series throughout the season. Particularly as a fan who either didn’t see playoff baseball or didn’t see wins for 15 years. Every team would have games that matter. Every season. I also like the idea of a ****ty team getting hot and making a run. Even though it wouldn’t culminate in a championship most likely - it’d be fun to see a Tigers like team go 12-8 over a 20 game stretch and win 4 series in a row. Never gonna happen but it’d be fun to play it out for a year and see. So often seismic shifts yield a lot of “ugh that’d be horrible” but once it becomes the new normal people can’t imagine going back. Sign me up for trying something new.
  7. Bad take imo. Last year only 4 SPs pitchers his age pitched in the southern league. It’s not like they’re coddling him along.
  8. Yeah I suppose I can rally behind the idea that, injuries or idiotic suspensions notwithstanding, we have three legit SP going into next season. With the deadline and the offseason to hopefully find a 1 or 1A.
  9. Wasn’t the philosophy supposed to be: We draft high end hitting prospects and trade surplus for impact pitching? Instead we trade one of our best impact pitching chips for a slightly above league average starter who is now flipping to AL? Probably good for us this year. Don’t think it gets us over the 0-16 hump though.
  10. 6 guys who hit 30HR last year Another who led the team in WAR Another who may lead the league in BA Another who may have the best chance to win an MVP award this year. Decent lineup.
  11. Running back a 101 win team in a pretty terrible division. This site leads me to believe we’ve got the same prospects of 2020 postseason as the tigers. Time for another break methinks.
  12. I say go for it. This was the FA crop to sign a stud pitcher and they didn’t. It’s a lot of bacon for sure, but he was a 6 WAR player last year. He’s not just a Rosario who puts up a lot of counting stats and bad defense. I would rather we “went for it” this year and signed one of the best players in a stud FA class (Odorizzi wasn’t chopped liver either), than be done here and have to punt on 4th down after going 3 and out against NYY.
  13. Espn had an article predicting the next decade. Arraez was their selection for best aggregate BA for the 20’s. That was cool.
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