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  1. Great trade. I’m fine with letting go a high risk, high reward, often injured, probable relief pitcher for a proven good starting pitcher on a favorable contract. The money coming our way would nearly completely offset the Maeda contract if we cut him tomorrow, but more likely, it keeps the door open for a trade deadline acquisition. Raley has upside, but he’s 25 years old and our 4th best corner OF/1B prospect.
  2. He’s a great pitcher, and his long, affordable contract makes him so valuable. This was a great deal. Fans saying that we should have “gotten an ace” for Graterol should follow that up with an actual example of aces with multiple years of control being traded for single, possibly relief prospects. There aren’t any.
  3. Great deal. Maeda is a cheap stud controlled for three more years. Graterol is a relief prospect whose arm is about to fall off.
  4. This is great, but I think you missed my favorite: Josh Donaldson vs. his own manager, John Gibbons: https://youtu.be/99dhn2K0bcQ The incident isn’t amazing, but the after game interview is awesome: https://youtu.be/H2VY2xRUGuM
  5. I wonder if his shoulder is still a problem, and teams aren’t giving him a major league contract that he is seeking.
  6. I put the over/under on HR for 2nd Base at 5, and Arraez will still win the batting title.
  7. I’m so excited for baseball! Our line up is going to crush it!
  8. Thank god. He’s not that good anymore, and that contact will look bad in a couple years.
  9. Yes, I know. I doubt it will go in the player’s favor, but even for 1 year of Bryant, I think I would do the deal.
  10. Darvish and Bryant for Larnach, Balazovich, and Gordon. We take all of Darvish’s salary.
  11. If we sign Hamels and Bumgarner, we will have an awesome rotation for Fantasy Baseball in 2012! But seriously, Hamels would be a great addition to our staff, probably similar to Odorizzi last year.
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