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  1. With where the Twins sit now, the answer has to be Trade Him. I like Pineda, but trade him for future assets.
  2. Damn! It's great to see some clips of real baseball!!
  3. Unfortunately, it is so difficult to count on any of these pitchers much this year since so many of them didn't pitch in the minors last year and will probably be on inning limits this year.
  4. If the Twins can engineer a trade with the Reds for Castillo and Castellanos (salary) without giving up Lewis, Kirilloff, or Balazovic, I am all in. Castellanoss can be the DH for the term of his contract replacing Cruz. That is probably a slight downgrade in production but absolutely a downgrade in the clubhouse. Castillo can be an ace! Castillo, Meada and Berrios give the Twins three top end starters and it provides protection against Berrios leaving as a free agent. Make it happy and I would be a very happy camper!
  5. I think this is an excellent move by the White Sox. Lynn as the #3 starter gives them a very good rotation with strong depth pieces. The Twins still need to add another top-flight to mid-level starter to compete, along with several other pieces.
  6. And, hopefully, very quickly! If his bat is hot, it changes this lineup a ton!
  7. Good article! Thank you! It was nice to read something about baseball again.
  8. I don't really care who he helps specifically, I just like that a veteran player like both Donaldson and Cruz take the time to impart the things they have learned over the years to the young players. From there, it's up to the young players to take that knowledge and apply it. We saw the benefit Cruz had on Sano last year and I am hoping we see that more this year. If Donaldson can help 1 or 2 of those young guys take a nice big step, and he delivers as we are hoping, this contract could turnout to be a bargin.
  9. I think Romero is going t have a breakout year. He's had the stuff in the past. Clearly last year was not a good year for him. However, there were no indications of physical problems. It seems to either be an anomaly, mechanics or a loss of confidence. Possibly, a combination of these. We all know the guys who make up the bullpen at the start f the year are not going to be the guys who make up the bullpen at the end of the year. I look fr Romero to be one of the guys depended on heavily at the end of the year. His stuff plays well in the bullpen and I feel last year was the year making that adjustment. Just my feelings.
  10. Can we still add a player to the 40-man? If we decide that we want to protect Rijo, can we add him yet or is this locked until after the rule 5 draft?
  11. Now that the Twins have extended a QO to Odorizzi, can they still negotiate a longer term contract with him?
  12. I think the Twins need to make a push to sign all three of their free agent pitchers. IMHO, Perez would be better suited for a BP role or SP option as part of 6 guys who can fill that role. This year, like nearly every year previously, has proven a major league team needs more than 5 starters. Other than Brusder and Smeltzer, I don;t see a lot of major league ready starting pitching in the minors.
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