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  1. But to fill all or even a lot of the holes the Twins currently have means multiple trades and multiple prospects exiting. We are not a player or 2 away from an extended playoff run. I'm not convinced we are a player or 2 away from winning the Central! Are you satisfied making the playoffs and then being eliminated immediately? I am not. I want to build towards an extended playoff run that finally nets us a series win and a realistic chance at a World Series!
  2. To me, this is extremely flawed logic. I don't believe the Twins front office thought they would compete for a divisional title this year and they have a plan in place to compete next year or the year after. In my eyes, you stick to the plan you have in place. You do NOT sacrifice the future on a year when your division stinks and you happen to be in first place at the AS break. Stick to the plan. I would actually advocate the other way. I feel the Twins should think about being sellers. We don't have a of pieces that are saleable, except Correa. If some team feels they are a SS away from a championship and want to mortgage their future for CC, I say go for it! Reaps the rewards! Sell off pieces that won't be back anyway or won't be there we we are ready to compete, i.e. Archer, Bundy, Sanchez, Smith, possibly Urshela, etc. You absolutely hold onto Arraez, Larnach, Kiriloff, Ryan, and all of the young players you have developed. I know my opinion will not be popular. But I don't just want to make the playoffs one year, get obliterated but the Yankees or Astros in the first round and then start all over. Have a plan, build the system and execute the plan!
  3. Love Montas, Castillo and Mahle. I would take any of them, however, since Montas left his latest start with a shoulder issue, I would be leery of him until you know for sure he is 100% healthy. At this point, I would deal with the Reds for either of their starters. We have a history with them and I think we could make it work for one of their two starters for some of our young pitching.
  4. I agree with this completely. Royce did very well. But he hasn't played in 2 years and he is our shortstop of the future. He needs to be ready to play that position full time next year because the Correa will not be here. Sending him down so he can play shortstop nearly EVERY day is the correct move.
  5. The deals currently being signed for the free agent starting pitching and Shortstops are crazy stupid! I wanted the Twins to jump into the Starting Pitching pool and sign at least 1 high end free agent, but with the contracts that are being signed, they would be foolish. I have to admit that I don't have the answer, but the smaller market teams cannot compete if this is the direction the contracts are going to go. The money Seager and Scherzer got is ridiculous.
  6. I loved Nelson when we had him, but I hope not. I think it would be disappointing.
  7. With where the Twins sit now, the answer has to be Trade Him. I like Pineda, but trade him for future assets.
  8. Unfortunately, it is so difficult to count on any of these pitchers much this year since so many of them didn't pitch in the minors last year and will probably be on inning limits this year.
  9. If the Twins can engineer a trade with the Reds for Castillo and Castellanos (salary) without giving up Lewis, Kirilloff, or Balazovic, I am all in. Castellanoss can be the DH for the term of his contract replacing Cruz. That is probably a slight downgrade in production but absolutely a downgrade in the clubhouse. Castillo can be an ace! Castillo, Meada and Berrios give the Twins three top end starters and it provides protection against Berrios leaving as a free agent. Make it happy and I would be a very happy camper!
  10. I think this is an excellent move by the White Sox. Lynn as the #3 starter gives them a very good rotation with strong depth pieces. The Twins still need to add another top-flight to mid-level starter to compete, along with several other pieces.
  11. And, hopefully, very quickly! If his bat is hot, it changes this lineup a ton!
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