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  1. Even without the 10th inning massacre by Hader, more than half of the outs by Twins batters were K's.
  2. One stolen base for Buxton. Only 50 or so to go for the rest of the season.
  3. Der Schlagmeister was just setting us up during spring training.
  4. Miguel Cabrera hit his 350th Tiger HR in the midst of a blizzard. And Eddie Rosario grounded out in his first AB as a Clevelander.
  5. My apologies if someone has brought this up before, but has anyone heard if MLB has instituted a minimum number of games played requirement to be eligible for the playoffs? They way it is going the Cardinals won't come close to playing 60 games. What if they finish say 25-15 and another team is 35-25? Based on wins/losses the two teams are tied, but the Cards clearly have a higher winning %. Who goes to the playoffs?
  6. I got off easy--two small screws to reattach what I broke off from the top of the larger bone near the elbow.
  7. Sorry I'm late for the game threads, but I've been recovering from a broken arm I suffered while rushing to take a COVID test (tripped and did a beautiful swan dive into the garage). Waiting for the test results before the orthopedic doc could put me back together cost me 9 somewhat painful days. Thanks goodness for oxycodone. Have I missed anything?
  8. Not a "favorite" memory but one nonetheless, was the fact that in the 1991 World Series Mack was doing so horribly, in Game 5 Kelly actually started Chili Davis in RF (shudder).
  9. Uh, wasn't there a guy named Alex Rodriguez? In 11 play off games alone, 3 HR, 10 RBIs, .390 avg = 44 HR, 147 RBIs in 162 games.
  10. Jim Merritt for Leo Cardenas in 1968 was a significant move as was Versalles/Grant for Perranoski/Miller/Roseboro in 1967. Both of those trades set up the 69 and 70 division winners.
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