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  1. I kept hearing that the 2nd year of team control was the reason he's here. But it doesn't really matter if he's going to continue throwing meatballs over the plate.
  2. Lopez really is just not a good pitcher is he? That BABIP regression has been painful to watch.
  3. Not good. I'm just hoping he's healthy for next year at this point.
  4. If Mahle were a car we'd be driving him back to the dealership to get our money back.
  5. Or alternatively it could be that he signed a semi lucrative extension when many players are working really really hard to improve their weaknesses so they can cash in?
  6. Mahle has a career 4.2 FIP.. Giving up all of these assets for someone you' wouldn't be excited about pitching game 1 of a playoff series seems like a pretty big mistake.
  7. Feels a lot better than a sweep. Win 2 from the Rockies and go from there. The bullpen could use another long start though. A short start could be disastrous.
  8. The bullpen was getting a ton of volume over the past week. Good to see a bit of a reset tonight.
  9. Could be very fun to watch Martin, Arraez, AK, and Miranda in a batting order. The OBP would be something to behold. And it could happen as soon as next year.
  10. Canterino is almost 24 and has less than 50 innings pitched in the minors. This is a crucial stretch for him.
  11. I can't shake the feeling that Jose Miranda is one of the best 50 prospects in baseball. I can't remember a Twins prospect mashing AA/AAA like this at 22/23. 300+ at bats isn't that small of a sample. Wallner could move up quickly. Can't be long until we see him at AA.
  12. Small sample still but Jose Miranda learning how to hit would be a welcome addition to the farm system.
  13. I don't care too much either way. I'm just tired of watching him strike out. It's not fun I also think it's time to end the Polanco at SS experiment. He doesn't hit well enough to cover his bad defense. Bring up Lewis, Arraez at 2nd. Polanco will be a serviceable utility man.
  14. What do the stats say about pitcher injuries in 2020 vs 2019? I'd be wayyyyy on the conservative side with assets this year, especially given they're making the playoffs regardless. If ever there was a time to keep the bullpen closer to prorated 50ip/162, then this is it.
  15. Bumping for Balazovic being added to the St. Paul group. Good to see.
  16. Hmm. I wonder what happened. My impression was that he was going to be periodically contributing the whole year.
  17. According to Fangraphs Deivi Garcia is the only Yankees pitcher in the top 100. He's 20 years old and just debuted in the majors. Philadelphia's only top 100 pitcher, Spencer Howard, has already pitched in the majors as well. Cincinatti has two top 100 pitchers. Both in camp. including Hunter Greene who has virtually no Minor League experience. I don't think 2020 draftees are fair comps for JD or JB so they shouldn't be included. Looks like Spycake beat me to the punch
  18. Oh I think that's a part of their thought process. I'm sure they have their reasons. I'm just trying to reverse engineer what those reason are for Duran, because it's certainly not his age, service time, or lack of innings pitched. I suspect it's performance related. Balazovic's situation is harder to understand. No other teams are taking this approach with top 100 prospects who are allegedly slotted to debut next season.
  19. Balazovic did actually pitch in AA, albeit briefly. It's very odd that he isn't in camp. I can't find any other healthy top 150 prospects who have pitched in the high minors not being in at least the 2nd group. It's not entirely clear as to why Duran is being treated with kid gloves. He's pitched nearly 400 minor league innings(not including St. Paul camp 2020) and has reached 100IP inboth the past 2 seasons. He'll be 23 before spring training next season so it's not like he's a young prospect by any stretch of the imagination.
  20. The only quote I've seen on Duran is this from Falvey: “Jhoan Duran has thrown the ball well for a good portion of camp. We’ve been really careful with him just to make sure, for all the pitchers, and for a lot of reasons as we look at challenges for pitchers with the second restart across the game, making sure that we’re being particularly careful" His wording is interesting for sure. Balazovic not being at camp is also notable. I've having trouble finding examples of players in his situation not being invited to camp and I can't find any.
  21. Athletes have every right to make political statements like this. We have no right to tell them what they should do with their labor. This is also true for writers/reporters who are, by my measure, universally supporting the player's stance. Good for them. What else can they do? But it's important for everyone involved to understand that many may choose to tune out when sports are no longer an escape. There will be real financial consequences moving forward for franchises. Tv ratings should be much higher for the NBA and MLB than they are during covid. Engagement on reddit and other platforms should be higher than it is. Reporters are being shed at an astonishing rate from newspapers. Only this time, the athletic isn't scooping them up. Far from it. The Athletic layed off 8% of its staff in June and the writers who remained were forced to take a pay cut. More layoffs and paycuts will follow industry-wide. It will be interesting to watch play out.
  22. There's never been 2.2 innings of meaningful data. What did you think of his stuff?
  23. If you're ever in Florianopolis shoot me a message. First rounds on me.
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