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  1. They should probably schedule the Tommy John surgery for Monday! 6 whole innings - it's abuse I tell ya!
  2. This loss falls squarely on the shoulders of management. Falvine and Rocco are so committed to a bullpen game with a team that doesn't have a great bullpen. 5 innings and one hit and you pull the starter? I'm what frigging world does that make sense!? Over a century of baseball and these guys are going to change the game. Ridiculous.
  3. Depending on his work ethic Mahle will either be excited or disappointed that he won't pitch more than five innings.
  4. Could you show me the line where I said other teams have a different philosophy? The facts, as you mentioned, are i compared what the Twins pulling Ryan compared to 39 yeasts old Justin Verlander. You are correct in the complaint about the average start, however. And as an HOF baseball guy told me, "those decisions are made upstairs by some guys that never played the game and only know baseball through their computer". He is correct and it had taken away from the game. There would be no great 91 game 7 in today's game. Morris would have been pulled in the 4th because some stat head who never played noticed that Loonie Smith hit .404 in his second at bat against pitchers named Jack while pitching in domes.
  5. I've become a boxscore baseball fan. I see our young stud pitcher threw a whipping five innings and couldn't crack 100 pothead. Meanwhile Verlander is throwing close to 100 mph in the 7th inning. Baldelli and the Twins "braintrust" would never allow a pitcher to show he has a pair of gonads like that. It must be nice to be a fan of other ball teams that think pitching less than 7 innings is subpar.
  6. Not wearing the bullpen out could be a solution. There's no reason starting pitchers can't go 7 innings and top 100 pitches (unless it's rehab or conditioning). I know there are those that say hitters do better facing a pitcher a third time. I say adapt as a pitcher. I say is it better to have the bullpen blow the lead than it is letting a starter have more control in earning the victory or loss? If coming back after five days is difficult because a pitcher the 110 pitches, go to a six-man rotationto give an extra day rest. It's time to at least try, otherwise you'll be seeing the Twins need bullpen help articles like this on a weekly basis.
  7. No mention of strikeouts. Then again that makes sense, half the team is in contention for that record.
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