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  1. Clicking around MLB tonight, caught Odorizzi pitching in Boston, just as he collapsed covering first base on a grounder to the right side. He was lifted onto a stretcher and carted away in a tie game. Looked liker a major hammy tear.
  2. Talk to the Yankees' fans, they don't like the trade either. Would you want Donaldson in the lineup at this point? The Yankees were the only team willing to eat JD's contract, allowing us to get Correa. Urshela is a gamer, and a solid defender. Sanchez is a back-up catcher who can hit when he's hot. And, to be fair, I haven't checked, but it sure seems like offense is down across the board this year. All that said, you would have to go back pretty far to find the Twins so completely out-played in a series at home. Tampa Bay used to do that here about five years ago; it sure brings out the defeatism in our estimation of the Twins.
  3. When you win the first two games of a series going 0-15 with RISP, after winning two games in April because your two chief division rivals needlessly threw the ball all over Target Field at the end of the games, you know at that point your team is experiencing really, really GOOD LUCK from the baseball gods.
  4. Twins will add a closer and some depth for the BP in June or July. They have the arms to compete, albeit not with the Dodgers or Giants, but winning regularly is a tide that lifts all boats. Future is bright though. Building a Tampa Bay like depth around Buxton and Correa and Polanco makes the Front Office look smart.
  5. Looks like a lamentable defeat, with a couple runners out at the plate, players out with Covid, HBP on Correa, maybe a few other things, but, who's counting? Good teams win this series. Twins aren't there yet, though they are knocking. First time I've seen a swim move on a slide (by Miranda) actually cause an out.
  6. Fewer hits, fewer runners, fewer balls in play -- baseball is being reduced to the pitcher/catcher action. It's a trendline that is weakening the game and will eventually make it untenable as a major sport. Hey, at least the salaries will come down.
  7. I feel like the baseball Gods have decided that in order to make up for imposing a 17-game playoff losing streak on the Twins, that every AL Central team will have to pull down their pants in the late innings of a close game and show the world their naked butts. Or something.
  8. Buxton not in CF but DH'ing? Rocko playing it safe on a cold night in the northland?
  9. It's the starting pitching. Twins fans mercilessly ripped the front office for the Bundy signing, and spent the whole off-season complaining that they were wasting Buxton's "window years". Lots of question marks -- Ryan, Ober, the other prospects, and the pedigree of last year's signings that ruined the season,. Welp, how does Number 1 in the American League ERA feel? You don't get where they are, and their hitting has been historically bad, without that pitching. And the bullpen has blown two late-game leads....
  10. Not sure baseball is going to make it. Too many nothing moments, especially in comparison with soccer, hockey and basketball. Strike outs, foul balls, even routine outs -- you can go for a long time without the least action. I have not sat through an entire game in, what?, decades, now.
  11. There is literally nothing to complain about after last night. Because nothing happened. Look on the bright side: we didn't have to see Tommy Watkins wave anyone into an out at home plate,. :}
  12. Whatever, the naysayers out there yelled and screamed about starting pitching for months -- even after the Twins signed Correa -- and lo and behold, Twins are top 10 in starting pitching so far. Sure, SSS, but, I do think Falvey and Levine use extensive screens/analysis as to who they sign and who they don't. And also are sensitive to exposing young pitchers to MLB lineups when they may not be ready. As it is, they start with 6 pitchers, expect one to get injured, fall back to five, still have Winder in reserve, as well as the whole ensemble of young "would be" starters. Just feels different, more planful and sustainable. Once this team hits, and they will hit, I like their chances. Sure, the bullpen needs to get sorted out, but, compared to postion players and starters, that's doable.
  13. Last in hitting, first in strikeouts, fewest runs, most double-plays, two guys that no one knows -- what did they used to do for a living? Coordinators of library services at Dade Community College? But can you fire one guy when there are two coaches responsible for hitting? Or, is this why they are called "the Twins"? Mostly tongue-in-cheek, I actually like the team better this year. Just want to see a little more aggression. Baldelli is so cerebral and almost effete in demeanor. Someone kick the water cooler over or break a bat on a mannequin dressed in pinstripes. Koski once went down after a strikeout and beat the crap out of a chair in Cleveland and next thing you knew, the Twins' were producing runs like the Bakken oil field. Try voodoo or chant incantations around a candle. Jeez, you got these two guys in charge of hitting, surely they can come up with something.
  14. Speaking of unconventional moves by managers.... Joe Madden of the Angels recently intentionally walked Corey Seager of Texas with the bases loaded, forcing in a run in an effort to get to ... wait for it ... Mitch Garver. Walk in a run on purpose so you don't have to face Seager and can pitch to Garver? Ouch. Twins hitters, even ex-Twins, just don't get any respect. And, given their results in 2022, who can really argue? MLB Teams are waiting in line to pitch to the Twins. Everyone is. Bases loaded, bases empty, no matter, -- -- "Please, can we pitch to the Twins?" Yet, Twins' hitting coaches are secure in their jobs. For Jesus Christ, I don't even know their names, but apparently, there are two of them, one right-handed, one left? WTF? Two hitting coaches so no one person can ever be held accountable for this? Kind of like Falvey and Levine. It's not any one person's problem that the Twins suck. Just a total system failure.
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