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  1. Good insight on what makes a team click. I call it having a "career year". Multiple players in the same year. Every time a good team makes a run into the playoffs and the World Series, you look at their team and what do you see? Guys having one of the best, if not the best year, of their career. That's what makes a team click. Hitters or pitchers, Check their stats and put those up against their career numbers and you will see that a predominance of players on a team had very strong years. Throw in a talented rookie and some unusual contributions from fringe players and suddenly you've got a clubhouse that is having fun, is talented and makes a deep run into the playoffs. I tried to get excited about the Twins this year, but you look at their individual numbers in June and it's like: Who is going to carry this team? What four or five guys are having good years? There was no one there. Nobody pushed forward with a great season. You look at that and you know right away that there was no chance, there never was a chance, because no one was having a career year. Look at Cleveland. They had a rookie having a great year, Rosario -- career year, Ramirez -- very strong year, Naylor -- career year, Gimenez -- career year. Bunch of fringe guys step forward, you don't need much when you have five guys out front pulling. Boom, a couple clutch hits, a great pitching staff, especially the bullpen, and it never was close to being the Twins' year.
  2. Now that's a metric that is easy to understand. Thank you!
  3. Baseball has always been a mirror reflection of American society, and I expect it always will be. The level of inequality between haves and have-nots in the US continues to accelerate. When and how this will possibly change is utterly unpredictable. And yes, baseball, like many aspects of our society, seems to have exhausted any semblance of being on a level playing field, much less enjoyable to watch and believe in as a National Pastime.
  4. Writing police: you can't be a "former" top prospect. If you were once a top-prospect, that can never be taken away. It's not like you graduate from that status. "Former University of Minnesota graduate becomes millionaire."
  5. Duffy and Pagan get the 6th. Thielbar and Megill in the 7th. Fulmer and Duran for the 8th. Lopez for the save. Twins can go two full games without needing to use the same guy, except maybe Lopez. I would pair Maeda on Archer's starts and get a good 7 innings. Rocco's bacon has been saved by giving him an actual bullpen.
  6. Twins FO: Do not bet the farm to extend the Major Sports League all-time playoff losing streak. We ain't that good this year.
  7. Yes, I would trade Correa, if and only if he does not commit to coming back to the Twins. Look, it's business. Not only would the Twins save in the range of $15M for the just under half the season they would be paying him, they would presumably get some pretty valuable pieces coming back. As in young/controllable pitching. We got shortstops up and down the system. The Twins are going to wither and die on the vine this last half because they have inadequate pitching. So, it's lose-lose-lose if they don't trade him. But, I have to think, Correa signed in Minnesota for a reason, and whatever those reasons are, they are probably still operative. He's a Boras client, who will try to maximize his value for sure, but in the final analysis the only sure way the Twins win this negotiation is to pull the trigger.
  8. I don't follow prospects closely but it sounds like we got a Bregman-type in the 1st round, (maybe more when you factor in the switch-hitting), and a Pedroia-type in round 3. And now we have like 3 or 4 tall, hard-throwing lefties coming up through the Minors. Never forget my first trip to Target Field in 2010 and watching Pedroia stand next to Mourneau at 1B on a beautiful Spring Day -- just glad to be outside again after the dark years of the Metrodome. Both guys were All-Stars and MVPs, but man, totally different body-types and players. In the immortal words of Ryan Jeffers, "Sometimes, baseball just baseballs." Pretty hard to measure the heart of a great player.
  9. Twins have been competitive while trying to retool their pitching staff and working a bunch of young hitters into the lineup. That's reasonably exciting after what we've been through the last few years. But, realistically, they are years away from being a top 4 team in the league. And, you never go anywhere in MLB without your best players having "career" years. Who is having a career year on this year's Twins? Anyone? A hobbled Buxton? Kepler? Correa? Just Arraez. We will be a middling team for awhile, as young players mature, the Twins sort out their pitching and we continue to hope veterans find their prime years of performance.
  10. I figured there was no way the Twins could lay an egg on offense for three-four-five games in a row, so I bought tickets. Yeesh. What a yawner. Celestino though, his catch in right center field and his throw home all the way on the fly after running down a two-hopper.... two "wow" moments. The DP that Correa hit into, the ground out by Celestino in the 8th, and especially the check swing ground out by Miranda with no strikes in the count, pretty tough to handle. Baseball is a hard game, I get that, and Baltimore threw the ball well, but, there is such a thing as making your own breaks, whether taking a walk, bunting for a hit, or not lining out to the left fielder five different times.
  11. Twins don't win a lot of games when they score 3 runs or fewer. I think the magic number is 5, where they actually win more games than they lose. So, yeah, can't get one big hit, score three runs and hope it turns into a win. Users of this site run screaming from the room when the bullpen lets one get away, like its the worst thing ever. Reality is: if you can't stand to have your heart broken during a 162-game season, find some other team or sport to spend your days emoting over. Baseball ain't for wimps.
  12. Yeah, well Carlos has a wife and some kids. As far as I can tell, he will base his decision around what is best for them and not what the New York Media Mafia thinks is conventional wisdom. Last I heard, they love it in Minnesota. Once you make that kind of money, money is no longer the limiting factor in making the next decision. Carlos and the family like it in Minnesota. It's the kind of place you wouldn't need to spend a lot of money to be happy.
  13. Reality is, Twins have a lot of young hitters -- Miranda, Larnach, Gordon, Kiriloff -- who need time to develop. The Buxton experiment, I don't know how sustainable it is to have him off the field. His main value is on defense, not as a DH, and, how does a guy keep his timing together while playing so few games? What's his average at now? He can't beat out hits, steal bases or even stretch defenses. Decent starting pitching, below average bullpen, average defense, frequent injuries, Buxton at half-strength, lots of young hitters -- not sure how they can cobble this together and make the playoffs. And even if they can, drawing the Yankees will simply mean extending the longest consecutive string of playoff losses in the history of any sport. Not good. Be careful what we wish for here.
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