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  1. Doesn't it seem like just about every top Twins' pitching prospect could have been listed here?? Hmmmmm
  2. I HAAAAAATE the opener!!!!! But I digress. The reality is this is the only way they're ever getting anything out of Jax...opener every 5th day, available in relief once or twice in between.
  3. ...guess he's still employed....but this is MLBN's loss...
  4. He won't be unemployed very long....
  5. What Falvine has done is build prospect pitching depth. Next step for at least some will be key to organization's success down the road. I think Jax may stick as a reliever...his numbers were terrific first time through a lineup, not so terrific after that. I don't need to ever see Lewis Thorpe in a Twins uniform again. I'll give Charlie Barnes the benefit of the doubt in that he likely wouldn't have been the choice for spot starts if guys like Duran, Winder, etc. were healthy, and his numbers at AAA were strong. Maybe he can make some adjustments now and be serviceable as a AAA/MLB swing man.
  6. One of the great injustices in baseball is that this guy never won a Gold Glove....a handful of them.
  7. Seems like a fair deal for all involved. The avg salary shouldn't keep the FO from pursuing FAs. Now let's hope he reaches some of those bonuses.
  8. If we're trying to predict what will happen, I'd like to sum it up. Falvey...Cleveland...Francisco Lindor.
  9. All I know is I'll rest a lot easier knowing after losing Baddoo that we won't lose Cave...
  10. "Chairman Jim Pohlad, according to major-league sources, is reluctant to move Buxton, knowing such a decision potentially would upset a fan base tired of seeing the team part with homegrown stars," per The Athletic. And therein lies the problem. You have ownership who understands it's fan base would be upset. That it's a fanbase that connects to players. You have an analytics-driven FO that looks at players as game pieces. The Rays trade away top players consistently. Cleveland has done the same both when Falvey was there and since he came here. I'm afraid, Twins fans, that the Rays model most closely reflects the direction Falvey will take the organization. The days of watching a player come up through the minors, develop and then spend a large chunk of his career in Minnesota may be over. I've been wondering for a couple years what direction it would go. The trade of Berrios and the seemingly inevitable trade of Buxton should be clear indicators of what we are in for, for better or worse.
  11. Why are we surprised Falvey doesn't see signing Buxton as priority #1 like the fan base seems to. We simply cannot look at back at anything that happened with the Twins in the past to try and predict what might happen with Buxton. A better indicator may be to look at what Cleveland has done. If Falvey is trying to re-create what he saw in Cleveland, Buxton is as good as gone....see Lindor, Francisco. Kluber, Corey. Clevinger, Mike. Santana, Carlose. The Indians/Guardians have show a trend of trading away top players before they have to pay top dollar. Brace yourselves, Twins fans....
  12. If they can get pitching help for him, this is a no-brainer IMO
  13. We've seen what Miguel Sano is. If they can trade him for pitching help, sign me up. This team will not compete for a playoff spot in 2022, so I'd like to see Kiriloff and Miranda essentially play all of the 1B innings.
  14. The Bad....how completely lacking the team was in fundamentals - bunting, baserunning, defensive mistakes, etc.. Just a poor fundamental team. Somewhere Tom Kelly is going crazy watching this team
  15. Achhhh...who needs relievers that can throw 100 mph...:)
  16. A lost season is all about assessing for the future. Bailey Ober and Joe Ryan appear to be capable of manning the back end of the rotation. A Pineda reunion would fill another rotation spot fairly cheaply, but his injury history is a concern. Griffin Jax, based on his numbers, may have a future as a swingman/reliever. I don't ever want to see "Charlie Barnes" start a game again. My fear is Falvine thinks one of Gant/Dobber can fill a rotation spot. They need at least two starters...I'm guessing one by trade and one as a FA. I hate that we had to watch Simmons play SS all year. With all due respect to him and his career as a great defensive SS, what purpose did it serve? I would've preferred to see Gordon there more often...just to see if SS can be a position he could man as a utility guy. Every single AB Simmons got the last 6 weeks should have gone to a younger player who may at least help this organization down the road. Jorge Alcala seems to have turned a corner. Thielbar is fine i guess. Duffey and Rogers will be back. I see absolutely no reason to not bring back Juan Minaya. Guys like Garza and Gant look like they at least should get a shot in ST to fill a bullpen spot. My biggest gripe...and it's not close, is that Jose Miranda got no playing time. Zero. Not a single at bat or inning. We literally have no idea if he can handle MLB pitching. And he literally has no idea what to work on in the offseason. Just dumb. Over the last 6 weeks he could have easily rotated in at 3B while JD DH'd or took a day off. If Simmons had been DFA'd, Polanco could have played 50% of games at SS and Arraez to 2B. He wouldn't have had to play a 3B once for me....should have been Miranda.
  17. I see Miranda hasn't been in the lineup for St Paul the last two games? Do you know if he's hurt? I would like to have seen the club use September to get him about 25 games. Thought he could DH, play 3B or 1B. I also thought Simmons, with all due respect to him as a player, should have been DFA'd around Sept 1st and let Polanco and Nick Gordon play SS. That would have freed up some ABs for Arraez at 2B. Gordon may be a utility guy next year and the PT at SS may have given the FO a better idea if SS could one of his utility positions.
  18. Good heavens. Can someone please explain to me why Jose Miranda is still in St.Paul? No "Cheap Pohlads". Does a September callup start the dreaded service time clock?
  19. Could it be? Could Joe Ryan and Bailey Ober be part of the rotation next year?
  20. Two very simple questions. Why is Jose Miranda still at AAA? And why is Beau Burrows taking up innings? If someone is going to get lit up, why not elevate Balezovic and give him the experience at least?
  21. On a night where something called John Gant, Kyle Barraclaugh and Edgar Garcia have so far given up 11 runs...the rest of Joe Ryan's starts in 2021 need to be in a Twins uniform.
  22. So here we are. Bailey Ober gives them the best chance to win a ballgame. Yikes.
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