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  1. Probably not the one he's looking for, but still likely more than the club would be willing to pay him...or for longer than he's willing to pay him?
  2. I think it depends on what you think of Winder and Varland. I'd guess one of the three is the #5 starter, one is in the 'pen and one is at AAA as a starter.
  3. Hildenberger...Curtiss...Vazquez...Viscaya...Moran. The bar isn't real high for Sisk to better than the previous five winners.
  4. Level of concern for Lopez is rising. Hasn't looked real good under the "tutelage" of the Twins....shocking.
  5. In another article, Nick says "Hope Sinks"....let's be honest. Hope left the station a while ago. But, today is a nice reminder that Joe Ryan will slot in very nicely as the #4 starter next year. Maybe as he gains more experience he'll learn how to get really good lineups out. At the very least, Mahle-Gray-Maeda-Ryan has the potential to be a very nice top 4 in the rotation in 2023.
  6. Injuries happen...in all sports. HOWEVER, it completely baffles me how an organization that stresses "rest and recovery" above all else, including common sense at times, can be completely incapable of keeping players healthy...and even worse at getting players healthy again after they've been hurt. It's so far beyond frustrating you can't even see frustrating from where we stand!
  7. Or...at the very least...figure how to keep pitchers healthy (or find a training staff that can)
  8. No great mystery here....the "burst of momentum" comes against bad teams, and the "screeching halt" comes against good teams. That is all.
  9. I'm not an eternally optimistic or pessimistic Twins fan. What I am is a realistic Twins fan. Here are my 5: 1) Arraez wins batting title 2) Duran and Miranda both finish top 6 in ROY voting 3) Twins finish below .500 and in 3rd place 4) Mahle misses the rest of 2022 5) Buxton joins Mahle and misses the rest of 2022
  10. Other than Verlander making the lineup look like the JV, was this not the most predictable near-no hitter ever?? Who takes the blame for this mess? Rocco or the "training" staff. How can an organization that prioritizes the dreaded "rest and relaxation" above all else, have SO many players injured/unable to get healthy?! Beyond frustrating.
  11. I gave up a long time ago trying to figure out what on Earth Rocco is doing with his bullpen. It seems like for most of their relievers it's less about "roles" and more about which 3 hitters in the opponents order they think a specific reliever can actually get out. As for Pagan, it's clear they're so enamored with his whiff rate that they don't realize he hasn't been good since 2019.
  12. Remember the names Twins fans. When (IF??) they are calling a Twins game, I'd expect they are given the proper "welcome"
  13. I really like what they did. What frustrates me a little is that everyone not named Falvey thought the bullpen was going to be a problem. I would have preferred they actually spend for a solid reliever instead of blowing 19 saves and then having to give up prospects to correct the problem. I like that they've set themselves up to have a solid starting rotation next year as well...Gray, Mahle, Maeda, Ryan, Winder, etc.
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