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  1. Great News. I'm really glaod Lewis will get a cup of coffee to get a taste of the bigs. But I"m REALLY glad Correa will be back sooner than later.
  2. Biggest surprise to me is how inept the offense has looked
  3. Love the work, Nick. Always. You missed another deja vu, however. The offense....stinks. There's just no other way to put it.
  4. 19 whiffs for Joe Ryan today is a BIG number. I think it shows the stuff is legit. Plenty of video out on him now...today's start shows he's here to stay.
  5. I'm with most in here...not sure why you get Gray/Correa but can't beat the relatively low price paid for Manaea, or another starter. I'm excited about the pitching prospects moving forward. But, strictly for 2022, we are relying far too much on "hope". We hope Ober is the real deal as a #3/#4 starter. We hope Ryan can replicate his success from a small 2021 sample size. We hope Bundy can be more like the 2020 version than the version he's been most of his career. We hope Archer can at least give us 5 innings and a sub-5.00 ERA from the #5 slot. We hope Duran is ready for a role in the 'pen. We hope Alcala continues to progress. We hope Duffey returns to 2019-2020 version. I'm all about hope...but we may be asking for a bit too much of it for 2022.
  6. I'm a fan, no matter what happens. I would love nothing more than to see Ryan and Ober develop into solid #3 and #4 starters. I love that we're going to get to see Duran and Winder. I have no idea if this team can compete for a playoff spot and, frankly, I don't care. I just can't freaking wait for Thursday. And I can't wait to see how prospects continue to develop this year.
  7. This was my thought all along! Was hoping to see the rule change for 2022 and thought of Kepler immediately.
  8. To this point, the FO has mortgaged basically none of its future to put together this roster. I'm cool with that, but still think this canNOT be the final move. The trade DEADLINE is July 30....let's hope there is a trade before then. If the A's are asking the moon for Montas and plan to wait til the deadline, then I'd like to see the FO move on to another option...I've been on the Alcantara wagon for a long time...
  9. It's really exciting to see all of the promising arms in the top 15. Like throwing darts...not all 15 will develop into bona fide major leaguers, but you have to think at least half of them will.
  10. I've long stumped for allowing young, promising arms to get their first taste as part of a bullpen. Seems like most organizations are worried about innings loads with young guys, so this is an ideal balance. The Twins can get help from a young, electric arm. They can manage innings as well as what type of leverage situations they are used in. Seems like a win-win. Only thing I didn't like Nash, was reminding all of us that the White Sox will once again have Kopech in their rotation.
  11. Always like Alcantara...if Castillo was an option wouldn't they have just included him in the Gray trade??
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