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  1. Sponsorship dollars matter far more than attendance so the corporate population of Minneapolis matters more that it's metro population in terms of revenue dollars. Minneapolis is tied with Atlanta for the 4th highest US city in terms of fortune 500 headquarters. The Twins are operating at 30 mil less payroll than Atlanta despite an equal corporate ad dollars market. The argument regarding baseball payroll is always funny because it tends to devolve into you can't possibly spend what the Yankees, Mets, and Dodgers spend. That is 200 mil and no one is really advocating for that. There is a huge gap between 200 mil and the 117 the Twins spend. Polhad has people convinced that this franchise needs to operate like a poverty franchise that can't afford to keep any of it's home grown stars unless they take a discount but that is false. If the Twins are going to pay a FA SP 20 mil, there is an easy argument to be made that with their market, they can afford that extra 5 - 10 mil to keep players like Berrios. Same for Buxton.
  2. Spotrac has the Twins payroll as 117 and change. They have the 12th highest payroll in MLB as Atlanta at 147 and the Padres as the 8th at 175. I feel it is a bit disingenuous to assert that there is not a reasonable argument to be made that the Twins could increase their payroll by 50 mil and still only be 10th in MLB. It isn't 200 mil like the Dodgers, Yankess and Mets or bust. There is a middle ground that the Twins are choosing not to enter.
  3. I guess my position is that I don't feel like significant progress has been made. I don't see an influx of young core players that I am confident in. I don't feel like we have ever been a serious AL Championship or World Series contender with this group. I think they have made the Twins mostly watchable and a team that might be able to win the division, but we haven't been nor do I feel we are on the way to being a contender. This organization payrolls and budgets like a mid market squad and yet Minneapolis has a ton of businesses and growth. We still speak about young superstar players like if they are really good we can never afford them long term. That is a poverty franchise mindset. I don't know that anyone has confidence in our minor league system to consistently produce talent even if they may have hope in it. I don't believe managers are a huge impact which means I can go either way with Rocco. All this said, I am a casual so maybe I am underselling the farm but I don't think I really am. The convo around Berrios and Buxton has really bummed me out as I thought the new stadium was supposed to enable us to retain our young superstar players. Instead, as I said earlier, the convo is that unless they take a below market deal, they are gone. It is just tough for me to be ok with being watchable as the bar for success.
  4. The issue is that both the starting rotation and the bullpen look to be a mess. If the bullpen was solid I would think there would be a decent path to success. Trying to rebuild both is a different story.
  5. All of this and I would say he is still the best player on our current roster...which tells you about our roster
  6. I think you need good players to contend. We have very few good players right now and we just traded one in Berrios. I understand the injury concern but who else are we going to sign? The newest Josh Donaldson? More Michael Pinedas? Those guys are ok, but not players who are going to be considered slightly better than average. There is a reason the Yankees smash us and it is because our talent is just not comparable. Also, someone tell me why we have so much confidence in a farm system that has struggled to produce much of anything recently outside of "potential". In fact, two of the best things it has produced are Berrios (traded) and Buxton (whom people are concerned with keeping). We are a completely "middle" MLB franchise right now. Not good enough at developing minor league talent like the A's or Rays and not spending like the Dodgers, Astros, Yankees and such. Someone tell me how Jorge Polanco isn't our 2nd best player after Buxton and how that is not a huge problem.
  7. I guess it is not shocking to me that fans would be less patient with a declining vet FA who they have no investment in vs signing a young, home grown player they have watched develop for 3 to 4 years. I feel like that is why we have posts on here apologizing to Polanco and not discussing how Donaldson has been an ok investment so far. Fans are invested in Polanco.
  8. I guess my question is, if you aren't going to sign your own developmental players like Jose Berrios or Byron Buxton long-term, who are you going to sign? My understanding was that tax payer dollars going to build a beautiful stadium was to ensure the Twins were not the Oakland A's of the north.
  9. I get frustrated by messing with guys who are running hot. -If you bring up Miranda, keep him at 3B where he is comfortable. See what he can do on the big stage for 30 days. -Don't mess with Polanco right now. Leave him at 2B. Polanco at 2B is like the one thing I think we can count on as a positive heading into next year. -The rest of it are just details IMO. 1B and DH and LF are just details. Figure them out between Simmons, Arraez, Donaldson and Sano. (and Rooker and Cave I guess)
  10. Not a traditional DH but that is probably the spot you would want him to be consistently to get the most out of him.
  11. In my experience, players tend to start with the dollar amount and then weigh the market and culture and competitiveness of their options. Also, professional athletes tend to like routine and familiarity which causes them to stay with their current team if all things are equal.
  12. I am not going to claim that I have specific inside information regarding Berrios, but I will share overall info regarding pro athletes and contract extensions/negotiations. If the offer is right and it is done prior to an expiring contract year or an arbitration year, players are consistently willing to take the money now vs later. It is when you quibble with them regarding their worth or fail to offer a quality dollar amount that they choose to bet on themselves. I am confident in saying Berrios's agent either asked for a number or gave the Twins a number. I don't know if Berrios asked for 30 or if the Twins threw out a number what that was, but their reaction is why Berrios and his agent decided to put out there they would be testing free agency. My guess is the sides were not close.
  13. (Edit: just to get back to convo regarding baseball and focus less on debating the meaning of overpay) "And yes, if you project Lance's price per inning pitched per year to Berrios, it comes out to around 25 mil per year, but I feel 5 mil over that to get to 30 is a tolerable overpay and does not hold back the franchise at all."
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