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  1. No way I would trade him now. Saying he has a 4 ERA is a little misleading. He’s been a sub 4 ERA pitcher in all 3 of his full seasons with an ERA + of 112 to 122. Only 2 outliers were his 1st year getting his feet wet and last season. His career stats are skewed somewhat by a very rough beginning to his career. I’d rather have a proven sub 4 guy that only never misses a start for the season and 2 thirds. We can still get a draft pick for him then. Twins are going to contend this season and next and will need a pitcher like Berrios.
  2. There is still plenty of time to make moves. I like that the Twins are waiting out the market. Especially in the bullpen where year to year performance is so hard to predict. I believe there is a very good chance that teams that struck early like Mets for May and White Sox for Hendricks and Astros for Báez are going to be very disappointed when they see what’s other quality relievers end up settling for in early Feb. My prediction right now is that the Twins get 2 guys who perform better than May in 21 for about half of what he will be paid.
  3. The WAR from their relievers comes 90% from Hendricks. I wrote an article about this yesterday. Yes Hendricks is worth about 1.5 WAR more than Colome but the games are still played. Last year the White Sox were perfect in games that Colome pitched, meaning that Colome never was responsible for a loss. The 3 games they lost when Colome pitched, 2 were in extra innings where Colome pitched a perfect 9th to send it to extras. Hendricks peripherals may give them a higher WAR but it is hard to better than perfect as far as actual wins and losses.
  4. So ESPN and Jeff Passan just published an article saying the White Sox are the team to beat now in the American League. He feels that way now due to them signing Hendricks. Now Hendricks is a very good reliever and might be the best closer in all of baseball. But how much better did he actually make them? If the White Sox had a bullpen like the Phillies last year and still only last out to us by 1 game I might buy all this hype but they didn’t. Alex Colomé pitched great as a closer last year and that is who Hendricks is replacing. Last year Colomé pitched in 21 games in the regular season and
  5. I just read the ESPN article about possible super teams or teams that will win 100 games. The locks listed were the Yankees, Astros and Dodgers. In the American League the Rays were the teams listed as the Prime Contender and the wild cards were the Twins and the Angels. The fact that we were listed with the Angels, a team that won 72 games last year, is a story for anther post. The question on the Twins was"if their pitching works out". Last time I checked we won 101 games last year and I don't see how our lineup is not at least as good if not even better this year with Arraez and Buxto
  6. At what cost though? Also what are the chances that Graterol or Balazovic becomes a 1 or a 2? Or Cole Sands or Blayne Emlow or Jhoan Duran? All 5 of these guys have either pitched in AA or will this year. That means they are closet being in the majors. At least on and most likely 2 of these guys will have to be included to get a top of the rotation starter. This team is built to contend for easily the next 3 to 4 years with the current crop plus Kiriloff, Lewis, Larnach, Rooker and company are close to making their debuts. I'd rather keep all my pitching prospects for another year and s
  7. Hey Jeremy this is by far the best blueprint I have seen. Contract for Wheeler makes sense, he’s the FA pitcher I want the most. Might be a little low on the annual salaries to get some of these guys to sign Like Odorizzi, Wheeler and Rogers but we will see.
  8. Or another way to look at this season is that the Twins have starters age 27 or younger at all 3 outfield spots, 3B, SS, 2B and C. They a 2 time All-Star pitcher that is 25. They have 1 of the best relievers in baseball with 3 years left of team control. They have top prospects coming up in OF/1B (Rooker, Kirilloff, Raley), SS/2B (Lewis, Gordon), C (Rortvedt, Jeffers), Starters (Graterol, Duran, Colina, Gonsalves, Ober, Balazovic, Sands). Everyone of these players has played at least at AA except for Balazovic who has spent most of the year at High A and will most likely start next season a
  9. I have tickets available for tomorrow’s game against Royals. 4cseats in sec 120.
  10. Only 3. 5 hours to game time. I don't want the tickets to go unused. If you want to go to the game tonight let me know.
  11. Hey everyone I just bought 4 season tickets for 20 games the rest of the season. I live in Dallas and will be going to just a few games when we come home and I will give some away to friends and family. I also want to use some of the games to raise money for a cause I feel strongly about, as former military, the Wounded Warriors Project. I’m hopeful that we will auction off tickets to raise money for WWP. The first game I have available is for tonight. I am still working out the logistics of doing an auction on Twins Daily with Seth and the gang so tonight will be on the honor system.
  12. The pitching talent in this draft was worse this than in most. It’s cyclical. Next year the draft is supposed to be loaded. BTW some pitchers taken by Twins in 5th round and below recently, Jordan Balazovic 5th Rd 2016, Cole Sands 5th rd 2018, Jovani Moran 7th rd 2015, Cody Stashek rd 13 2015, Devin Smeltzer rd 5 2016, Tyler Duffey rd 5 2012. Every one of those guys has either already pitched for the Twins or probably will in the next couple of years.
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