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  1. I've been out of the loop--is Wander Javier not a top 20 prospect?
  2. I love you guys. That Wade highlight got copied three times in comments about Rosario, with nary a mention. What a sweet pick. Rosario is like a character in a Major Leagues type movie. Whatever he does, good or bad, he's the dose of chaos this team needs.
  3. Man, I have not commented much in the last few months, but this article is exceptionally powerful. Precisely because it is not what anyone expects from Stu. It's like you popped in a Will Ferrell movie looking for a cheap laugh and instead you had to reexamine your life while watching Everything Must Go.
  4. This is so awesome! Love this. Right when I'd started lamenting how old I'm getting, I rolled across Rich Hill's selection. Nice choice. He was probably like a sixth grader when that song came out.
  5. Man, the rotation looks solid, but still deciding on the fifth spot, and the choices are Randy and Homer? Where's Nuke? Randy should change his name to Pitbull or something.
  6. You call up Celestino and sub him in for the late innings with an occasional start. Cripes, didn't the Yankees have Judge in center at times last year? Or something or some team like that? Joey Gallo too? Those guys make Kepler look like Buxton defensively.
  7. MLBTraderumors Was this the guy some of us were salivating over as a key to any Dozier-Dodger deal a couple years back?
  8. I feel like its gotta be a guy who hits a bunch of taters. Rooker's my guy.
  9. I love it. This is somehow both very Twins-like, and yet very un-Twins-like all at the same time. The Twins don't shop in the $200 Million dollar section, and I'm glad they've avoided the $100 Million dollar "lightly used" (but potentially lemons) section. I'm from Idaho; if I wanted to root for the Yankees or Dodgers, I would have done it a long time ago. This is how the Twins will do it, if its going to get done. Strap it on and give her hell. (I'm not precluding an all-in trade, though, either.)
  10. Total OPS+ for these lineups: Twins: 1174 Yankees: 1012 Asterisks: 1169 Case closed. No Twin under 100.
  11. I like the way they've set this up. Leave opportunities for the younger guys who started stepping up last season to make their mark. Beat up on the weak central division. Don't put your eggs in a basket until you see what is actually cooking. The main argument I see for trading right now is that some of our prospect capital will flame out/get hurt--if you knew which one's, selling high would be nice!
  12. Well obviously I know the answer to that, but before I divulge it publicly, I need to see if Falvine knows it.
  13. I've kind of been in a Twins bubble for a few months. Or out of it, I guess. I never got my hopes up for a Cole or Strasburg level signing, and was only mildly disappointed MadBum went elsewhere. Whatever plan you want to call this--I'd say it's always been plan A. This type of reclamation mining has to be the top thing listed on Falvine's resume. They just have to pull it off...correctly. At any rate, I'd lay even odds that one of these three pitchers will have a much better season than one of the other three I mentioned.
  14. I gotta be honest, and this is pretty petty sour grapy (or is it grapie? grapey?) Glad to see Suzuki play the hero role. Always seemed like a good guy. And while I have nothing against Ryan Pressly per se, I'm not sad to see him flop in the WS. The Astros Evil Genius narrative gets tiresome, all the more with their recent organizational blunders. I do understand that Pressly is one of the cogs that got them there; it's just nice to think that their algorithms can't see deep into the heart of a champion. I haven't watched the games, as I forgot they still showed the WS on free TV. My bad--sorry WS viewership numbers! Has Osuna pitched? Boy, if he gets in a game in Washington I'll bet he's warmly received. I suppose the crowing karmic consequence of all would be for him to blow a decisive Game 4. p.s. *Note to self--Need to change profile pic. You failed me Dobs.
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