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  1. Giving up Taylor Rogers for Paddock seems like a bad deal for this 2022 team. We lose our best reliever and gain a starter who is obviously in decline.
  2. Cesar Tovar. As a kid listening on the radio, he sounded like a total player.
  3. If we make ANY trade with the Giants, I will truly not believe it. But I'm certain the Giants must be very anxious for a chance to fleece us again.
  4. LaRussa himself trashed the guy for hitting a 3-0 pitch with a huge lead. And ignoring a take sign.
  5. Game ball #1 goes to Sano of course - what a game he had! Game ball #2 goes to Tyler Duffy for showing some balls standing up for his team.
  6. I don't see how he'll get enough ab's. To win the triple crown, you gotta play.
  7. My wager is already in - I gotta think we'll win 90 plus games.
  8. We were counting on him for bullpen help as a team going to the playoffs. He gave us nothing. He was terrible from his very first appearance with us. The Twins F.O. openly questioned weather the Giants had sent us damaged goods. Oh, and we had to take on his $5 million dollar salary....We got burned!
  9. After getting burned by the Giants in the Sam Dyson trade, I can't believe we're dealing with them again.
  10. With all of his flaws, I'm gonna miss Eddie. I remember his first ab with the Twins, when he mashed a hr vs Oakland. What an exciting debut! I know the Twins had good reason to let Eddie go,but I'm not gonna like seeing him wearing a Cleveland uni.
  11. I guess he's expendable because he doesn't hit many hr's. That's all that matters for this team,right? I love the way he plays. Unlike most on our team,he actually looks like he hates striking out. He plays hard,always hustles, and he always appears to be having fun on the field...NO WAY should we trade him away. Lil Louie has already become my favorite Twin!
  12. Struggle? Do the Twins even participate? Honestly it's hard to tell.
  13. I was glad to see him go. He came to us looking out of shape,and it seemed he always needed 100-110 pitches just to get through 5 innings. I thought he was actually quite terrible with the Twins while getting paid a lot of money.
  14. I can see how a hot dog like Lindor could get under your skin, but we need to ignore him. Romo should just act like a professional.
  15. I remember his stint with the Twins. He would "labor" to get through 5 innings looking like a hot mess...I don't care how he looks now, I wouldn't touch that slob with a ten foot pole.
  16. To me its clear our "ace" is Kenta Maeda. It's sure not Berrios. He looks more like a #4 in our rotation.
  17. Thorpe and Stashak looked like they were tossing batting practice to the Royals. In between Poppens wild pitches he was clueless as to how to hold a runner...Horrible job by those 3 relievers costs us any chance we had in this one. How can a person sleep well after watching crap like that?
  18. Thanks for a good recap of the week past. The Twins already look like the best team in the Central. But can we get thru this season? My fingers are crossed.
  19. My least favorite is probably Latroy or Justin, but they all do a descent job. It's kinda nice the way they mix things up and have someone different rotating with Dick Bremer. Have any of you ever watched a KC royals broadcast? At least we don't have to endure listening to Rex Hudler. He has to be the worst broadcast partner in all of baseball.
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